Africa - A poem for politicians Everywhere!

Written by John Roberts

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Would probably give thousands of villages, Access to clean water. And if every politician, inrepparttar world, Gave just one tenth of their wages. It would feed millions of people in Africa, Help them survive for ages. If we must invade some countries, Because of ‘principles' so high. How about those, spending money on weapons, While their people die. Conglomerates make huge profits, Feeding those, already obese. So why can't they spare some millions, To help fight this disease? So Mister Politician, if you are itching to invade, Let's all invade Africa, with help and love and aid!

John Roberts is a Freelance Training Consultant and Director of JayrConsulting Ltd in the UK. Web;

1st Class on the TITANIC---

Written by James Sorrell

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We didn't come from animals, but began our existence as human; should we now act likerepparttar instinctual animals that live by "the survival ofrepparttar 146894 fittest", where there is no love? Love is only something you can spend on God and other cannot spend it on yourself, or anything lower....that is not love; that is "self"! SEE--->"LOVE isrepparttar 146895 Real Thing" onrepparttar 146896 forums noted below** -------"Poverty isrepparttar 146897 worst form of violence." Mahatma Gandhi [The father of India's freedom] The 1st Class rich onrepparttar 146898 TITANIC learnedrepparttar 146899 lesson of equality too late: whenrepparttar 146900 ship went down, they all went down together, no matter where you were onrepparttar 146901 boat! Willrepparttar 146902 rich learn now, before it is too late....whenrepparttar 146903 poor ofrepparttar 146904 planet sinkrepparttar 146905 ship by burningrepparttar 146906 loveless world down, each city, in one night....the fuse lit andrepparttar 146907 chaos spread by instant planet-wide communication ofrepparttar 146908 beginning event?? ----------[From: "The Life of Emile Zola".........."You know that people don't want to seerepparttar 146909 starved face of truth; they would much prefer perfumed lies".] 33% ofrepparttar 146910 human race has no electricity..... ----------Inrepparttar 146911 USA, 90% ofrepparttar 146912 dogs eat and live better than 30% of our children! The conscience of man must have another moment in time; in OUR time!---by Jim Sorrell USA 608 661-0966 ** or

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