Affordable Drugs: Saving Money by Splitting Pills

Written by Gary Cordingley

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Sorepparttar drug company wins either way, particularly if they're competing against a similar product made by another company thatrepparttar 150075 doctor might choose instead. In fact, all it takes for everyone to be happy is a breakable tablet. Admittedly, some pills are difficult to break in half (but not excessively difficult, or elserepparttar 150076 drug company wouldn't capturerepparttar 150077 low-end market). This is where pill-cutters come in handy. Every drugstore has them. They're cheap because they're made out of nothing more than plastic and razor blades. They're better at splitting pills than your thumbs or a paring-knife because they break pills more evenly, andrepparttar 150078 pieces don't go skittering acrossrepparttar 150079 counter.

Inrepparttar 150080 author's practice there are some pill-splitting overachievers who even manage to break quadruple-strength pills into quarters. Imaginerepparttar 150081 savings in doing that.

In fact,repparttar 150082 only obstacle to savingrepparttar 150083 patient money is ifrepparttar 150084 drug company puts their product into capsules, because capsules can't be split. Would a drug company do such a mean-spirited thing? You betcha.

Lexapro wasrepparttar 150085 sixth so-called serotonin-reuptake-blocker to come onrepparttar 150086 market, so it had to compete with allrepparttar 150087 earlier drugs in its class. Butrepparttar 150088 first serotonin-reuptake-blocker to come onrepparttar 150089 market had first-mover advantage and was able to retain market-share even afterrepparttar 150090 competing products arrived. This first-mover wasrepparttar 150091 world-famous Prozac brand of fluoxetine, made byrepparttar 150092 Eli Lilly Company.

So what did Lilly do after competing products appeared? They stone-walledrepparttar 150093 consumer by never ever putting their product into anything other than a capsule. Moreover, forrepparttar 150094 entire time their product was still patent-protected, they never produced a higher-strength capsule. So if you needed a higher dose of Prozac, you hadrepparttar 150095 honor of paying for two or three capsules per day. Why did they choose such a consumer-unfriendly approach? Because they could. (Everyone now turn toward Indianapolis and wave torepparttar 150096 nice people at Lilly.)

My medical students look at me strangely when I start talking about publicly traded companies and market forces while I'm supposed to be teaching them about medicine. Butrepparttar 150097 way I look at it, if you don't understand market forces, then you'll never understand why things in medicine arerepparttar 150098 way they are.

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Gary Cordingley, MD, PhD, is a clinical neurologist, teacher and researcher who works in Athens, Ohio. For more health-related articles see his website at:

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