Affiliates Need to 'Capture' the Email Address

Written by David McKenzie

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1. Offer a free newsletter on your home page or entry page and makerepparttar sign up process really easy.

2. Offer a free email course on your home page or entry page.

3. Takerepparttar 102523 affiliate links OFF your home page. You are much better putting affiliate links in your newsletter or email course.

To have a better chance of gettingrepparttar 102524 email address it comes down to offering your visitors something else before giving them access to your affiliate links.

The best ‘offer' is something for free like a free newsletter, free email course or free ebook.

Believe me, altering your web site like this does work. I used to have lots of affiliate links on my home page but not many sales.

Now, most ofrepparttar 102525 people who purchase through my affiliate links are already subscribers to my newsletter or my email courses.

Do not underestimaterepparttar 102526 importance of this. Redesign your web site to capture your visitors' email addresses.

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The Affiliate Game- Find Your Own Treasure

Written by The Creative Affiliate- Karen Vesgaard

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If its Rare Coins..Do a search on Rare Coins..See what hundreds of Web Sites have done with their topic..

I'm reminded of an example I ran across from someone who had read a book on doing Mini Sites, and had gone on to create a series of Mini Pages on what his passion in life was.

Each Mini Page detailed a specific Rare Gem, with research and resources of where, and how to deal inrepparttar buying and selling of these gems..

He wasn't selling hype..he was selling Information that was extremely well put together with a ton of great content..

His passion in life..was Rare Gems..that was his expertise..And it showed.

Don't worry about giving up those Internet Gurus in search of your own adventure,

When you get ready to go looking for treasure, you'll want to make sure you are properly prepared forrepparttar 102522 "country" you will be searching in.

That's where you Will Need what those Internet Gurus have to offer.

Findrepparttar 102523 Very Best Information you can only what you will need..and keep it close by on your journey..And you'll be prepared for anything!

So go exploring..

It might just be time to Break Out and Escape.. Escape from promoting what Every One Else is promoting.

Find Your Own Treasure!

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