Affiliates - Avoid These Two Big Mistakes

Written by Julie Georg

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Second question, what kind of site will you build?

If you've spent any time onrepparttar internet, you've seen all kinds of sites. Which ones captured your attention? Which made you want to click away as fast as possible?

The internet is full of bad sites, ugly sites, annoying sites, and sites that just float in cyberspace because they have no value and can't get listed in directories or get ranked well atrepparttar 117426 search engines. (You can forget aboutrepparttar 117427 little tricks you've heard about to get a page a high ranking. The engines are becoming more and more sophisticated andrepparttar 117428 tricks aren't working. Besides, this is your BUSINESS, make it respectable.) Please don't add torepparttar 117429 junk.

Third question - How will you build your site?

Good question. Again, we're talking aboutrepparttar 117430 internet, so there are a lot of options out there. And of course, lots of services and software available. Do yourself a favor and forgetrepparttar 117431 freebies, they simply won't giverepparttar 117432 impression you want to convey, and don't offerrepparttar 117433 functinality you'll need.

Think about what kind of site you want to have and what you will need it to do for you. Is bandwidth important to you? Do you want to own your own domain name? (Some hosting companies retain ownership) Do you want to totally design everything yourself, or save time with templates? Do you know HTML, etc? Or would you rather use a site building program that takes care of all that for you? Do you want to be able to collect email addresses? Mailout an ezine? Sell your own products and collect payments?

Answer as many related questions as you can before chosing services. (If you don't know what some of these things even are or why they matter, find out. You'll be glad you did.) Shop around and see who offers what. If you want to start small and simple, and you're willing to dorepparttar 117434 research and work to make your site viable, maybe all you need is a domain name and hosting. Don't spend $1000's to get a lot of stuff you won't use. But if you find yourself also looking for link tracking software or mailout capability or, or, or ....(you getrepparttar 117435 idea), consider looking atrepparttar 117436 programs that group services together. See a comparison of 4 site-building programs at . If you need a lot of functionality, purchasing these services separately can breakrepparttar 117437 bank, not to mention complicate your life!

By planning your business and building a quality site, you will avoidrepparttar 117438 two big mistakes that many affiliates make. You'll be way ahead ofrepparttar 117439 pack and on your way to building a viable web BUSINESS.

Julie Georg is a consultant to individuals and small businesses interested in establishing a web presence. Step-by-step directions for building a Net BUSINESS can be found in the excellent, free Affiliate Masters course. Blank email See SBI!

Home Office Tips (Part 1)

Written by BB Lee

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Remember to adjustrepparttar lighting in your home office to help increase your productivity by experimenting until you findrepparttar 117425 proper light intensity that works for you.

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