Affiliate Web Site Pros, Cons And Getting Traffic

Written by R.L. Young

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If you pay for 100,000 traffic hits to your site that are pretty much forced to land on your page, more than likely you arenít going to land a sale for it. There are plenty of advertisers that will do this. Such as making you sign up on a traffic building list where people are forced to click on your link, just so they can earn a credit for it to get traffic back to their own site. Or joining and paying for an MLM type traffic builder whererepparttar member simply passes their site around to other members who desire more to sell than to buy. These sites can have as many as 25,000 members (so claimed), but all they are really doing is advertising their sites to other members while trying to make money from one another. As far as I have seen, normal outside web traffic or non-members rarely see these advertisements, if ever. Personally, I thinkrepparttar 139719 best advertising for any web site is word of mouth. Start locally by spreadingrepparttar 139720 word and grow from there. Use flyers, penny saver papers and of course business cards and spread them all over your town, and county if necessary. Put a magnetic sign onrepparttar 139721 side of your car and give relatives and friends some business cards to pass around. All it really takes to get started, is a few people who know a few people and so on. But above all, donít get discouraged, because it can take up to a year or two for a website to really take off. The most important thing is traffic, traffic, traffic. Becauserepparttar 139722 more you get,repparttar 139723 bigger chances are of getting bigger and better sales. Good luck!

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Casino Affiliate Programs

Written by Ratlif J

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per month, sorepparttar revenue Casino Affiliate Programs generate can be staggering. Since you earn money on each player for life you are building a monthly income that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars each month per program.

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