Affiliate Programs and How To Build An eBusiness

Written by Denise Ryder

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I want to targetrepparttar newbie ebusiness owner and provide them withrepparttar 144114 tools they need to start a business on-line. So...I think and ask myself "what does a newbie need?" They need a web host, an autoresponder, something to sell, leads, a list and incentive products. So, with that information I set out to find those products/serivces and set up a site...a NEWBIE MECCA you might say. Now if I only set out to promote one of those progams and a newbie already has it, then basically I just shot myself inrepparttar 144115 foot...BUT. What if they didn't have an autoresponder and saw that I had one that I promote, or they needed leads or they needed to learn about using incentive products to build a list. I just set myself up forrepparttar 144116 possibilities of making money by offering a host of products/services and not just limiting myself to just one.

See where I am going with this??

It takes more than just ONE income stream to make money. You need to set yourself up with several ways to make money. If a visitor doesn't need one product/service then you stand to make something by offering other products/services that relate.

4. Your own site. You NEED a hub. I likerepparttar 144117 word hub actually. I gotrepparttar 144118 idea fromrepparttar 144119 University of Alberta while I was a student there. There was a central area withinrepparttar 144120 University that had a dry cleaners, barber, hair salon, and a couple of food kiosks and a little general store deal. The Unversity tagged this asrepparttar 144121 HUB. I am using HUB to describe what your site should be. YOUR central area that promotesrepparttar 144122 programs you are affiliated with, a landing area for your visitors where you can build your lists, promote your program incentives, provide content that will help your visitors...etc.

Now you are probably thinking "but, my affiliate program provides me with a web page already to go."

Yup, they do. However...

1. are you able to make any sort of adjustments to that page that will enable you to promote an incentive so that you can stand a part from repparttar 144123 pack?


2. MORE IMPORTANTLY...are you able to offer a report or eCourse so that you can build your own list?


3. are you able to promote other programs, so if your visitor isn't interested in that specific program you standrepparttar 144124 chance of being able to make a sale through another program?


That's three strikes right there.

Here is a fourth one for you to think about, ifrepparttar 144125 above three weren't enough. Let's say you quit a program, you quit that web page is gone no big deal there. But, that means you are again having to start over from scratch. IF however, you had your own HUB, you can add to or discontinue programs BUT you still have your list building mechanisms in place and you still have other programs that can bring in money. You aren't always finding yourself starting over again from scratch.

Ok, one last thing I want to show you and then you can think about what you just read ;o)

If you are a member of a mlm program you essentially have two customer streams. You have those customers who are buying your product AND you have those in your downline. Essentially you have two different markets rolling atrepparttar 144126 same time, each with their own specific needs. Your customers of course want your products and you are selling them along with other things that tie in for that bunch. You also have your downline which of course haverepparttar 144127 same products as you...but their needs are a little different. They need guidance from you as well as other

1. a web site of their own 2. a list building mechanism 3. leads 4. autoresponder

Are you seeing where I'm going with this???

YOU haverepparttar 144128 potential to create an even greater number of income streams. You have this little market that will need these products and services in order for them to do business...just like you. So, find those services that will meet those needs for them and promote them to your downline.

There you have it,repparttar 144129 four main traits that, if you put them into place, will put you in a better position to make money with your affiliate and mlm programs.

This isn't rocket science and it works. Again, if you followrepparttar 144130 steps ofrepparttar 144131 super affiliates you will find that these arerepparttar 144132 very same 4 traits that they have in place. They don't have an inside track to anything that you don't. Yes, they have been at it longer than you but that's about all, they had to start from somewhere as well.

The ONLY difference that perhaps stands between YOU and THEM is that they actually did what we just discussed above. They went out and found products/services that had a good market size. They went out and found affiliates programs that tied in and paid them a monthly recurring income. They found more than just one program to promote...AND they created their own HUB.

The blueprint is there for you ;o)

A great book that will help you peg yourself unique and different from repparttar 144133 rest ofrepparttar 144134 pack is..."Super Affiliate Strategies...How to Generate More Sales, Profits and Commissions For ANY Affiliate Program. It is a good read and has some very valuable ideas inside. Check it out for yourself

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!!

Combine Email Marketing with Your Affiliate

Written by Denise Ryder

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If you had your own way to build your list and added your own web site, then you have COMPLETE OWNERSHIP. Your list is YOURS so if you quit a program not a problem,repparttar bottom line is that list (your baby) is going with you.

Now, don't go into panic mode and think that I am saying Affiliate Programs are useless...That is NOT what I am saying. What I am trying to get across to you is...YES participate in them, but work smarter...not harder.

Doesn't that make sense to you?

Excellent, now about YOUR site...

Visitor's are looking for CONTENT...NOT a hard sales effort being thrown at them. What are YOU more receptive to, someone who provides you with good information so that you are better able to make an informed decision. Or, someone who is trying to hard sell you. If you go forrepparttar 144113 good information choice, then what makes you thinkrepparttar 144114 rest of us are any different?

So, you have a site of your own. A site that is not an exact replica of your affiliate page but one that is theme-based with content that relates to your program(s). One that has repparttar 144115 opt in tools like a Report/eCourse or Subscription that is building a good list for you.

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Let's look at an Affiliate Program that sells leads. You make a commission off ofrepparttar 144116 lead packages you sell.

On YOUR SITE (not your affiliate page) you could have a theme built around "leads." Your focus could cover:

1. How to generate your own leads, 2. What to look for when purchasing leads, 3. How to follow up with leads, 4. What to follow up with, 5. Teach someonerepparttar 144117 proper way to follow up...

Through your content you have taught your prospect everything they need to know about leads. You have developed a trust with them and by sharing this information you have becomerepparttar 144118 "lead expert" in their minds.

Wrapped withinrepparttar 144119 content of your various information, of course, your Reports/eCourses and maybe even a Subscription to your newsletter... these are your tools for building your list. Also built within your content you mention your affiliate program in a non-threatening or hard sell way. In doing so, you now have a prospect that is open to clicking to your affiliate page and buying what you have to offer.

You even haverepparttar 144120 potential to add income streams. Looking at repparttar 144121 list above you could sign up for an autoresponder program, because a prospect is going to need that…and who better to get it than through you, right?

The main thing is, what started as one income stream (your original Leads Program) has now developed into 2-3 income streams.

And of course, let's not forget about YOUR LIST that follows you wherever you go.

Does that make sense now???

By all means participate in Affiliate Programs, they are an excellent source of commissions for you. But, market them repparttar 144122 right way, through your own site, where you can plug-in opt in tools to build a list and build a relationship with ALL your visitors and prospects.

You STILL NEED to provide a prospect with a good reason to give you their email address. Yup, you need to write a Report or eCourse. It is easier than you think and this eBook will take you step-by-step. Plus, you receive Full Resale Rights and 3 hours of Coaching from me. Check it out here,

Denise Ryder is a Marketing Coach writing from her home office in Northern Ontario (Canada). Hey...are you a do-it yourself marketer? Are you struggling a little? Need just a little help??? Can you imagine how far your business could grow with a Marketing Coach in your pocket??? Take a no cost Test Drive TODAY!!

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