Affiliate Programs 101!

Written by BB Lee

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Always readrepparttar fine print. Make sure you understandrepparttar 102445 payment clause. Many affiliate programs will only send you payment after you've accumulated a certain sales amount. Anything from $10.00 and up.

Affiliates might pay every other week, per month or per quarter. You will receive a payment if you reachrepparttar 102446 minimum balance in sales during that pay period. Most balances are accumulative. So, if you do not reachrepparttar 102447 minimum during one pay period it will be rolled over to your next pay period and added to any sales balances. Once again, readrepparttar 102448 fine print inrepparttar 102449 affiliate agreement when you sign up for pertinent details.

Here are a few popular affiliate programs.


Commission Junction

To find more affiliate programs, go to one of repparttar 102450 search engines like:


Type in affiliate programs. Click onrepparttar 102451 one's that interest you.

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BB Lee is the editor of SmallBizBits Newsletter.

How to Earn $1,000 a Month in Your Spare Time

Written by Thomas Holley

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SFI is unlike most any other network marketing business in that it is possible to build your business by spending little to no money out of your own pocket! It will be harder and take longer, but it is possible. You can start with no money out of your pocket and then reinvest your profits intorepparttar business to build it even quicker.

SFI sells Veriuniísô nutritional supplements and cleaning products, plus lots more. SFIís best and largest selling item is its subscription torepparttar 102444 IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs). To see allrepparttar 102445 benefits offered with a membership torepparttar 102446 IAHBE, visit:

Your first goal with SFI is to become MIQ (Multi-Income Qualified). Often this is accomplished by purchasing a membership torepparttar 102447 IAHBE, a $29.95 monthly investment. However, you can achieve MIQ status without spending a dime. By selling subscriptions torepparttar 102448 IAHBE, you can reach MIQ status with only four sales. Plus, for each subscription you sell, you get a $10 commission each month that they keep their membership. This is called residual income!

Now, letís plug a few numbers in here to see what is possible with spending just a few hours a month promoting SFI. If you refer just FIVE new affiliates, who become MIQ, a month and teach just THREE others to dorepparttar 102449 same, after one year you should be earning at least $940 a month ($11,280 a year). After just two years, you should be earning over $21,000 a year.

Even if you have ONLY ONE new MIQ affiliate a month and have just ten others in your group doingrepparttar 102450 same, you can build a nice part-time income of $440 per month after just a year.

We are not talking $11,753 a week type income that some ads will try to make you believe is possible. We are talking about a REAL income with REAL expectations and with REAL possibilities. This is what is possible just working a few hours a week in your spare time. If you have more time,repparttar 102451 possibilities are even greater. And all this IS possible with little to no money out of your own pocket every month. It just takes dedication, consistency, and a little creativity.

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