Affiliate Programs - Points To Consider

Written by Todd W. Winslow

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* What isrepparttar hit per sale ratio? (The average number of hits to a banner or text link it takes to generate a sale - based on all affiliate statistics.) This is extremely important, as this number will tell you how much traffic you must generate before you can expect to earn a commission from a sale.

* How are referrals from an affiliate's site tracked, and for how long do they remain inrepparttar 102598 system? You need to be confident inrepparttar 102599 program's ability to track those people your refer from your site. This isrepparttar 102600 only way you'll get credit for a sale. Additionally, how long those people stay inrepparttar 102601 system is also important, asrepparttar 102602 visitor may not buy initially, but may return later to make a purchase. Will you still get credit forrepparttar 102603 sale six months from now?

* What kind of affiliate stats are available? Doesrepparttar 102604 program offer detailed stats? Are these online and available in real time? It's important to be able to see your individual stats, so you know how many impressions, hits and sales you have generated from your site. (Impressions arerepparttar 102605 number of times repparttar 102606 program's banner or text link was viewed by a visitor to your site. A hit is simply someone clicking on a banner or text link - takingrepparttar 102607 visitor from your site torepparttar 102608 program site.)

* Doesrepparttar 102609 program pay just commissions on sales, or do they also pay for hits and/or impressions? Getting paid for impressions and/or hits, in addition to commissions on sales, is important. This is especially true if repparttar 102610 program has a low sales to hit ratio.

* Who isrepparttar 102611 online retailer? Find out who you are doing business with. Is this a solid company? How do they fill orders? What types of payments do they accept? How long have they been in business? What are their return policies and how do these affect you? What products do they sell and what is their average sale amount? The more you know aboutrepparttar 102612 retailer offeringrepparttar 102613 affiliate program,repparttar 102614 easier it will be for you to determine if this isrepparttar 102615 program for you and your site.

* Is this a one or two tier program? A single tier program pays you only for repparttar 102616 business you personally generate. A two tier program pays you for your business, plus it pays you a commission onrepparttar 102617 sales generated by any affiliate you sponsor into their program. Some two tier programs will also pay you a small fee on each new affiliate you sponsor - a recruitment fee.

* Finally, what isrepparttar 102618 amount of commission paid? (And fee for impressions/hits - if available.) 5% - 20% is common for commissions paid on sales. $.01 - $.05 is common forrepparttar 102619 amount paid for each hit (click through). If you find a program that also pays for impressions, don't expect repparttar 102620 amount paid to be much at all. From these numbers you can see thatrepparttar 102621 program's average sale amount and hit to sale ratio are extremely important. This is especially true if yours is a low traffic site to begin with.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 102622 main aspects of affiliate programs which you should be familiar with if you plan to incorporate any such program into your web site. I hope this providesrepparttar 102623 reader with additional insight and helps them in selectingrepparttar 102624 right program for their site.

Todd W. Winslow is the co-owner of TADD Marketing Group, L.L.C. He is also the founder of TADD Publishing Group which publishes a variety of e-mail newsletters, and is co-creator of The Mystic Beagle - a romance and relationship advice web site

Selling Online Products in the Offline World

Written by Scot Dantzer

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If necessary, askrepparttar person over to your house. Give your him a hands-on demonstration ofrepparttar 102597 very product he's thinking of purchasing. Once you have your customer online, show him aroundrepparttar 102598 net.

Let him navigate. Show him some of your favorite hangouts, your website, your favorite discussion boards, favorite game sites and anything that might interest him. After a few short minutes onrepparttar 102599 web he'll absolutely NEED that new computer!

Wrap up your presentation by taking him to your sales page. For an extra-special touch, namerepparttar 102600 page after your customer, such as "Mark.html"

By now he's thoroughly hooked onrepparttar 102601 web and thinking about a purchase. Let him do it by clicking from your sales page.

Nowrepparttar 102602 Dell affiliate program pays a very small commission, but what I've gained is far more important…a relationship with that customer that he can't get at an offline computer superstore.

I've walked him throughrepparttar 102603 web, shown him allrepparttar 102604 bells and whistles on my own computer (including some add-ons he might like) and established myself as a valuable source of technical information.

The next time he wants to make an online purchase, who will he ask? When he wants to buy software who will he come to for advice? And most importantly, when he has questions about affiliate programs or starting his own online business, who will he ask? You guessed it!

The value of this customer is far greater thanrepparttar 102605 few dollars I made on this original sale…it'srepparttar 102606 lifetime value ofrepparttar 102607 customer.

Keep your eyes and ears open for offline opportunities such as this. When you discover someone with a specific need, create a specific page to providerepparttar 102608 solutions. Your new customer will thank you many times over with repeat business.

Scot Dantzer is a media consultant and entrepreneur in Philadelphia. Download his newest book, "Dimes-2-Dollars: 8-Steps to IMMEDIATE eBay Profits" from Internet Marketing for "The Technology Challenged."

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