Affiliate Marketing What Is It And Why Use It?

Written by Stephen Warren

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Lets say that your product is priced at $100. Lets also assume that it cost you $10 to make it. This leaves you with $90 profit.

How much of this do you want to give away torepparttar person that made this sale possible?

Personally, I believe that you should give a rather high percentage ofrepparttar 102320 profits back torepparttar 102321 affiliate (Depending on how many sales they regularly generate), because without them, you wouldn't have made that particular sale at all, so reward them for it.

A fairly decent reward is about 50% ofrepparttar 102322 revenue generated. Your product is priced at $100 so a $50 commission is quite generous. It really depends on your other costs (such as a mortgage) you have, which would help decide on a fair commission to both you andrepparttar 102323 Affiliate.

Another factor which plays a part is how much additional advertising you do, such as pay per click. For example, if you rely solely on your Affiliates to Market for you, then you may want to reducerepparttar 102324 commission you pay to them to help you survive. However, you may want to pay them more, to encourage them to send more sales you way. It really is a judgment call.

Onrepparttar 102325 other hand, if you advertise in other ways effectively, then you can afford to pay higher commissions, because you're not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Inrepparttar 102326 end it's all down to how greedy or generous you are. The best advice I can give you is to payrepparttar 102327 affiliate what you think he/she deserves. Hopefully that way everyone is happy and earning their fair share.

That isrepparttar 102328 key to a successful affiliate program.

Stephen Warren, the creator and webmaster of , a completely free business and marketing resource which anyone may use.

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Written by Mark Meyers

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There are even thousands of people are looking for an affiliate program to join:

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Your affiliate opportunity could providerepparttar answer that these people are looking for and this will build a long-lasting money-making business for you too! Sounds like a win-win deal to me.

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Mayrepparttar 102319 poorest day of your future be no poorer thatrepparttar 102320 richest day of your past! 2004 - Mark Meyers

Mark Meyers is an internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur.

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