Affiliate Marketing Basics

Written by JC Anderl

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4. Referral Length - You should also check out how long after you referred a customer that you still get credit. With advanced tracking systems in place, companies can keep track of customers for a long time after they first were referred. Some companies promise that they will still give you credit for a year after you first referred a customer. Since many customers don't buy onrepparttar first visit to a site, this can also be a great perk.

5. Lifetime/Residual Income - This is actually a very important aspect to consider. Many companies that charge a monthly fee for their services will pay you a percentage every month as long as they keeprepparttar 102533 customer. For example,repparttar 102534 hosting company I use, Host4Profit, charges $24.99/month for its hosting services. They pay their affiliates an even $10/month for every referral. This gradually builds up into a steady, sizeable income.

6. Reoccurring Commissions - You can also find programs that will pay you a commission for every purchase that a customer you referred makes. For example, if i refer Joe Surfer to a site, they will pay me for every purchase that he makes, not justrepparttar 102535 initial purchase. The length of time varies, sometimes you can get reoccurring commissions for a month, a year, or maybe forever.

Pick More Programs

If you can make a lot of money with a couple of products, wouldn't it make sense to increase your income by just joining more programs? It sounds good, but it has major flaws. Your income depends heavily onrepparttar 102536 traffic that your site receives, and you are only going to be able to convert a certain percentage of visitors to buyers of any of your affiliate programs. Too many programs dilute your conversion rate of visitors to buyers, and actually has other negative effects.

If you join too many programs, you won't have time to promote any one or few of them effectively. To be a successful affiliate, you do need to spend time marketing your programs. Instead of picking every program onrepparttar 102537 Internet, you are much better off picking a few good paying programs, and spending a lot of time marketing them.

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How to Get Ridiculously High Quality Affiliate Leads

Written by Dermot Hogan

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Message 1: This should be a message to thankrepparttar customer for buying your product and should make a small mention of howrepparttar 102532 affiliate product can help them.

Message 2: This should giverepparttar 102533 customer a special unadvertised bonus to further earn there trust. Plus you should mentionrepparttar 102534 affiliate product again. Even better would be to makerepparttar 102535 bonus a report or ebook and workrepparttar 102536 affiliate link into it.

Message 3: Create a special offer that your customer can only get through your affiliate link. Make sure you offer something that is as valuable if not more valuable thenrepparttar 102537 affiliate product. Write good sales copy explainingrepparttar 102538 benefits of both your bonus andrepparttar 102539 affiliate product.

Message 4: Add on yet another bonus for them to order through you affiliate link. Again write good sales copy for this bonus and continue to stressrepparttar 102540 benefits of repparttar 102541 affiliate product. Dont worry about repeating yourself, repetition sells. The more times you expose your prospect torepparttar 102542 affiliate productrepparttar 102543 more likely they are to buy.

Message 5: This should be batch email sent torepparttar 102544 entire customer list periodically send an offer to this customer list that is both time and people sensitive. For example: For 50 people only, if you order affiliate product inrepparttar 102545 next 24 hours you will get xzy bonus. Make sure you stick to these limits or else your offers won't be taken seriously.

This system is especially effective with affiliate programs that pay recurring or lifetime commissions. To see this system step by step in action go to:

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