Affiliate Income Booster Techniques

Written by Chris Small

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There are several ways present your message in ezines. The most common, but least effective, is throughrepparttar use of classified ads. They do work, and are cheap to buy, but you will see far better results with a higher profile ad. Placing your message at or near repparttar 102638 top ofrepparttar 102639 publication gives it a much better chance of being seen. These "Sponsor Ads" or "Featured Ads" not only stand out fromrepparttar 102640 rest ofrepparttar 102641 ads, but they carry more credibility too. Also, many publishers will allow you to include more copy inrepparttar 102642 higher paying ads.

In your own ezine you can take your liberties and write full articles that discussrepparttar 102643 merits of your affiliate program. This can be a very effective method, but you need to remember to write it withrepparttar 102644 readers interests in mind. Nothing turns people off faster than blatant self serving commercials. Always userepparttar 102645 WIIFM principle. The reader needs to know, "What's In It For Me".

The Best Method

The absolute best way that I have found to promote any product or service onrepparttar 102646 Internet is by sending out special news releases or time sensitive updates to a targeted list of opt-in ezine subscribers. These solo mailings are separate fromrepparttar 102647 regular ezine. They focus only on one program, or aspect of it. The results are astounding. Usually within a few hours you will see 90% ofrepparttar 102648 action. Ifrepparttar 102649 copy is written well you can see a very high response rate.

Use Your Stats

One last method that helps me to focus my promotions effectively is simply to studyrepparttar 102650 site logs and stats pages. Many Affiliate companies will provide you with a program stats page. Most of them are only about hits, sign ups and income. This is good information to know, but it doesn't let you know which ads are workingrepparttar 102651 best. That's why I like to create redirect pages on my site that are trackable in my site server logs.

Here's how it works. You create an ad for XYZ affiliate and place it in an ezine (or on a web page). Instead of putting in a link to your affiliate page address, you would create a page on your site that automatically sendsrepparttar 102652 visitor torepparttar 102653 affiliate page. Each ad that you use would lead to a separate redirect page. There are two main benefits to this. 1) The link address is going to look more professional and probably shorter. eg: 2)You will be able to see in your server logs which ads are drawingrepparttar 102654 most hits. For more information aboutrepparttar 102655 mechanics of this, read one of my previous articles "Little known Secrets of HTML" at

Be Wise

One caveat. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of Affiliate programs floating around onrepparttar 102656 Internet for all kinds of products and services. Some of them are dogs. They just won't work, regardless of how well you promote them. Be wise in selectingrepparttar 102657 one(s) that you are going to invest your time and money into.

When you find a good one, practicerepparttar 102658 above methods, along with your own creativity and enthusiasm, and you too will experience repparttar 102659 joy of opening envelopes with large checks in them. I look forward to reading YOUR success story.

Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of several successful websites. If you would like to read more articles like this by Chris go to

The One Best Way to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Written by Keegan Michaels

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1. Start by thinking about what REALLY punches your buttons. You can't build an in-depth site unless you LOVErepparttar subject you're focusing on. Don't think about this for months, days, or even for a couple of hours. Whatever hits you dead on as you read this is probablyrepparttar 102637 one thing you can make fly.

2. Search for an affiliate program or two that sells a core product or service related to your interest. Most ofrepparttar 102638 time you can simply use search engines to find sites that also focus on your topic. Nine times out of ten several of them will offer affiliate programs.

3. Get your own domain name. Have your main topic as part ofrepparttar 102639 name. I love to go to at this stage. You get a domain and hosting for a year for about $50. You may be able to find somebody else who does it cheaper.

4. A site that looks like your very first won't cut it. You need to haverepparttar 102640 appearance of an old hand. Do this by getting a professionally designed logo. If you have a sharp looking logo atrepparttar 102641 top ofrepparttar 102642 page,repparttar 102643 rest of it can be plain text.

I foundrepparttar 102644 guys at via an affiliate link. They designed a half dozen logos for us, all for just $25 each. You can't getrepparttar 102645 "pro" look any cheaper.

5. Get a professional writer to createrepparttar 102646 first 300 words of your web site. Start at where they'll craft text that gets your visitors' juices flowing. They write cheap. Once people get excited on your first 300 words, it isn't' hard to keep them on your site until they have read everything else you have to offer.

6. Promote, promote, promote. Put your good advice (which you can borrow from books atrepparttar 102647 library--it's called research) on discussion forums. Place ads in email newsletters. Send your own press release torepparttar 102648 media every month. Call your local talk radio station and see if they have 5 minutes to speak with you on-air. Provide advice their listeners can use.

Finally, I want you to chuckle, sneer, and laugh assuredly whenrepparttar 102649 media starts up about howrepparttar 102650 Internet is having a hard time. Good! That's great news for you. With so many big corporate sites running out of money and so many little sites getting spooked out of existence, there has never been a better time for YOU to make YOUR mark online.

Keegan Michaels knows affiliate programs. He knows what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. Let him show you the roadmap to affiliate profits. Contact him today at or 801-328-9006. Get his Extra Money Newsletter FREE at

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