Advice for Web Purchasing

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Do not ever use your debit card. Some banks say you will not be liable for fraud, but that won't help inrepparttar short term with your checking account empty. Use a credit card so that liability is covered withrepparttar 109042 banks money, not yours.

- Get a small, $500 credit limit card for internet purchases and pay it off each month. This way, your maximum exposure is $500. If someone uses it fraudulently you won't be liable anyways as long as you followrepparttar 109043 reporting rules, but it's nice to limit even that small liability.

- Always use a credit card for purchases onrepparttar 109044 internet. If your number is stolen it will be protected.

- Be sure you are onrepparttar 109045 site that you think you are on. Checkrepparttar 109046 address (URL) and make sure you've spelled it correctly.

- Don't give out more information than needed to completerepparttar 109047 purchase.

- I'd keep a notebook with a list of what was purchased when. This would be valuable ifrepparttar 109048 product did not arrive as expected.

- Be sure to save receipts to your disk drive.

- Be careful of scams. If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a lie.

- If you are purchasing anything substantial, you might try checking outrepparttar 109049 company's customer service first. You can call their 800 number or send an email and see how long it takes to respond.

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The Ten Best E-Commerce Strategies

Written by Steven Pruner

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Strategy #6 - Use Email Lists

A listserver allows you to capture emails so that you can build an email list. This will allow you can send torepparttar entire list with just one email message or newsletter. A subscribed list is where users subscribe freely to your list. This is perfect for sales updates or a newsletter, or just wishing everyone happy holidays.

Strategy #7 - Get Found in Search Engines!

Unless you are inrepparttar 109041 top 20 of search engine listings you probably won't be found by 90% of those usingrepparttar 109042 search engine. By creating an additional home page that is optimized for your search word andrepparttar 109043 search engine you are submitting it to you will vastly increase your ranking in most search engine.

Strategy #8 - Get Linked!

One ofrepparttar 109044 cheapest and best ways for new customers to find your site is through links. Getting other sites to provide a link to your site involves just a few things:

1.Have a graphic button that you can provide other sites with which they can put on their page. This gives them an easy button that can serve to maybe even dress up their site. 2.Create a standard email message that hasrepparttar 109045 graphic button attached asking them nicely to putrepparttar 109046 button withrepparttar 109047 link on there site

Strategy #9 - For More Sales Have More Product

Too often shopping sites do not have enough of an inventory to makerepparttar 109048 shopping experience worthwhile forrepparttar 109049 shoppers. The likelihood that anyone actually buys something is directly proportional torepparttar 109050 number of items with all things being equal. You have to catch customers with something they want to buy.

Strategy #10 - Make Everyone Your Salesman

You can make everyone a paid salesman for your products by setting up yourself with an affiliate program. Affiliate programs are fast becoming one of repparttar 109051 hottest selling techniques onrepparttar 109052 internet next to auction programs. By creating an affiliate program you make it easy for anyone with a web site to sell your products and receive a commission.

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