Advertising Your Home Business on a Budget

Written by Stone Evans

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Word of Mouth Business Cards Press Releases Non-Primetime Ads on Radio and Television

Here is more information about each type of low-cost advertising:


This of course isrepparttar cheapest kind of advertising onrepparttar 117030 planet --- it does not cost you anything. Ask your customers if they know anyone who could also use your products or services. When they are happy with your offerings and service, they will be willing to tell you whom you can contact, and they will passrepparttar 117031 word for you.


You can usually pick up 500 business cards for about $20. When you do, hand them out. Do not give more than a couple of cards to each person. If they need more cards from you, they will ask.

Some people are known to network with others on a regular basis. Some of these people are also known to be always looking for an extra few bucks. With these people, you can suggest to them that if they write their name onrepparttar 117032 back of one of your business cards andrepparttar 117033 card is presented to you, then you will pay a referral fee to them. You do not have to offer much --- sometimes one dollar is enough. Look at your home business and your offerings and decide how much would be a good referral fee.


Press Releases are a good source for generating news about your home business. The business editor at your local newspaper is always onrepparttar 117034 lookout for a good business story to fillrepparttar 117035 business news section ofrepparttar 117036 newspaper.

Of course,repparttar 117037 business editor understandsrepparttar 117038 economics of running a paper and is more inclined to run your story if you buy advertising in his/her publication, but will still print stories for special events and openings.

The important thing to remember about Press Releases is that it must be constructed inrepparttar 117039 form of a news story. Even if you are a sole proprietorship, quotes from you should be written in a third person format: John Doe said, "Your quote here."

A Press Release should packrepparttar 117040 most important information at repparttar 117041 beginning ofrepparttar 117042 copy, and leave extra details towardsrepparttar 117043 end.

You should always providerepparttar 117044 reporter who getsrepparttar 117045 task a simple and easy way for him/her to contact you directly. Often repparttar 117046 reporter will want to contact you to get details that will enhance their take on your story.

To learn more about creating Press Releases, you may check out Rusty Cawley's site:


Believe it or not, some ofrepparttar 117047 best rates for radio and television are onrepparttar 117048 overnight and non-primetime venues. These target times are not a total waste as they can easily keeprepparttar 117049 infomercial people in business.

These off-hours are just less populated thanrepparttar 117050 primetime hours.

Don't be afraid to check your local radio and television rates for non-primetime hours to see what bargains may exist. With television, primetime is 7pm to 10pm. With radio, primetime is 8am to 5pm. This sure leaves a whole lot of hours available to advertise your home business at discount rates!


When it comes down to it, there is a lot to understand about advertising, but when you haverepparttar 117051 basic knowledge down pat, everything will fall into place and bring more dollars to your bank account.

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Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget

Written by Stone Evans

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Your primary expense inrepparttar mail-order business is advertising. Classified advertising tends to be a relatively inexpensive form of advertising with thousands of outlets available torepparttar 117029 small business owner.

WHOLESALE BUSINESS: Buy low --- sell high. You can acquire high quality, top-of-the-line merchandise for a fraction ofrepparttar 117030 retail cost. Starting a wholesale business would require a Wholesale Dealers Directory as your source for merchandise, such asrepparttar 117031 one above orrepparttar 117032 one listed here:

AUCTIONS: Auctions can be an excellent source for buying cheap and selling high. Both government auctions and Internet auctions can lead to some excellent profit opportunities. Auctions are an excellent tool for both acquiring and selling merchandise.

MAKE AND SELL YOUR CRAFTS: Crafts are a hot seller at country fairs, swap meets or anyplace where people gather. Make your own crafts and sell them for a tidy profit!

SELLING INFORMATION: Selling information by mail is another good example of an inexpensive home based business start-up. One can gainrepparttar 117033 resale rights to information for usually about $50 USD. Other costs will include printer cartridges, paper and postage. There are plenty of free classifieds sites onrepparttar 117034 Internet, in which to successfully advertise your information.

WRITE INFORMATIONAL BOOKLETS: Write and publish your own informational booklets; sell them at a high price! All you need is a little know-how, a printer, paper and stamps. This is a GREAT home business idea! You can also sellrepparttar 117035 resale rights to others, for extra profits. In this age ofrepparttar 117036 Internet, you may also take advantage ofrepparttar 117037 fact that selling information is one ofrepparttar 117038 most profitable endeavors one can pursue online.

OFFICE SERVICES: Offer office services for hire in your local paper. You'll be surprised atrepparttar 117039 amount of regular office business that can be gleaned from one little classified ad. Word processing, typing, accounting, data entry, proofreading, transcription, promotional letters and newsletters. All these tasks can be accomplished right from your own home office.

AVON REPRESENTATIVE: Yes, Avon's been around for eternity, hasn't it? Then it's not such a bad prospect as a home based business, is it? I once knew a woman who did so much business as an Avon rep. that she had people calling her and knocking at her door wanting to order products at all hours ofrepparttar 117040 day and night! Once you are an established Avon representative, you, too, will turn a good profit.

CONCLUSION: On your search forrepparttar 117041 ideal home based business, try not to get caught up in any scams that will run off with your money. There are thousands of scam artists out there just waiting forrepparttar 117042 next sucker to come along. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Just use your good judgement and invest wisely in proven methods of earning extra income.

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