Advertising Versus Public Relations--

Written by Ana Ventura

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That's not to say that there aren't great benefits that come with public relations, too. How many times have you looked at an ad in a magazine or on a billboard and been beyond skeptical in terms ofrepparttar product's reliability? When you read an article or blurb about it in a printed media source, though, you are usually more inclined to think thatrepparttar 101239 product is trustworthy.

Sending off a great press release has a lot of advantages that you might not have taken into consideration before. Let's say that your small business is sponsoring a local charity event. It would probably sound awfully snobbish of you to run an ad promoting your own selflessness, but if some other media source decided to talk you up, that would be okay, right?

One important thing to remember is that no one is going to cover your story if it's not interesting torepparttar 101240 editor that goes over it. First you have to grab their attention, and hope thatrepparttar 101241 editor or journalist will want to give your business some recognition. You also have to wonder ifrepparttar 101242 audience that seesrepparttar 101243 coverage will be captivated enough to remember your name when looking for products in your specific market. When you pay for an advertisement,repparttar 101244 only audience you have to target is your prospects.

There are great benefits in bothrepparttar 101245 worlds of advertising and public relations. Depending on your budget and your needs, you can figure out a combination that will suit you best

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The Big Bang Publicity Campaign

Written by Anne Marie Baugh

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Send your press kit when an editor, publisher, or producer wants to know more about you.

3. Newsletters Offline. Donít forget that a whole world exists offline. Locate newsletters or smaller print publications offline and submit articles. This can be a very dynamic way to increase your exposure as well as add to your press kit. You can locate newsletters in your subject area by visitingrepparttar local university library reference section. Ask for a directory of trade newsletters and do your research. Once you have been published, itís easier to step up torepparttar 101238 larger publications. Fame starts small and then snowballs onto itself.

4. Speak Up! Yep, thatís right. Start giving speeches on your area of expertise. Start locally at civic clubs and local educational programs. Then findrepparttar 101239 local talk radio shows and make your case torepparttar 101240 producer. Itís surprising how many talk radio shows are actively looking for new speakers. Once you have achieved Talk Radio,repparttar 101241 opportunities will start coming to you.

5. Publicity Pitches: Put together several dynamic article ideas. Justrepparttar 101242 ideas, notrepparttar 101243 actual article. This is called a Publicity Pitch. Take those ideas and then pitch them to editors of targeted publications. This can work very well as it saves Editors time and putsrepparttar 101244 outline right into their hands. As a past Editor I know how well this works. Editorís love ideas, especially ideas that are completely outlined and correct for their readership. This means donít send pet article ideas to cooking magazines. Send pet articles ideas to pet publications. Seems like a no brainer, huh? But youíd be amazed at what editors see that donít apply to their own publication.

Fame comes from planning and persistence. It has itís rejections, but if you can learn not to take it personally, it will eventually work. Remember, once you start, keep going. Once you stop, you have to start all over.

Anne Marie Baugh is a noted publicist. She also owns and operates Write-Promotion an online business that works hands-on with businesses looking for promotional avenues and avenues to cyber-success!

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