Advertising Target Your Audience

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

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1.Get your site listed inrepparttar search engines for appropriate keywords.

2. Use your keywords onrepparttar 101134 search engines to find sites of similar interest and exchange your links with them.

3.Get involved in keyword bidding. You can get best results at and .

4.Get involved in pay per click search engines. An excellent resource on this is

5.Get listed in directories related to your particular interest. You can find directories of interest using various search engines.

6.Search for ezines that relate to your target audience and advertise. You may userepparttar 101135 following resources to search for ezines.

7.Of course you may participate in various discussion forums of interest .This can be very time consuming. You can search forrepparttar 101136 appropriate forum at:

8.Advertise in related classified sections of Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Lycos.

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Don't Just Advertise, Track Your Advertising!

Written by Pat Singleton

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I have a half dozen Ezine ads running at all times and if I didn't key my ads, I wouldn't know which ones were gettingrepparttar best response. A few months ago I paid approx $90 for a 3 line ad in a well know Ezine and atrepparttar 101133 same time I paid $25 for a 5 line ad in a lesser know one.

Guess which one gave merepparttar 101134 highest response rate? Yup, that's right,repparttar 101135 $25 ad out pulledrepparttar 101136 $90 ad almost 2 to 1, and if I hadn't keyed my ads, I would probably have spent another $90repparttar 101137 following month, whenrepparttar 101138 $25 ad would have beenrepparttar 101139 smarter choice!

I hoperepparttar 101140 above info is helpful, but rememberrepparttar 101141 number one reason most people fail when promoting their program is they give up too soon.

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity torepparttar 101142 average entrepreneur, but it still takes time. Time to placerepparttar 101143 ads, time to trackrepparttar 101144 ads, time to hone your ad writing skills and time for your prospects to accept what you're trying to sell. Most people won't even check out an opportunity til they've seen it at least 4 times!

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