Advantages and Disadvantages of Frames

Written by Michael Bloch

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5) Visitor opinion. Many find frames annoying.

6) Copyright issues. You'll need to ensure that all links within your site that point to external sources open in a new window to avoid copyright wrangles. There have been legal precedents in relation to this issue. Many site owners object to their content appearing in someone else's frame, torepparttar point that special "frame busting" code is used.

7) Internal linking. Special attention will need to be paid to your internal links to ensure that any page pointing to, for example,repparttar 118056 home page opens as a "whole page", otherwiserepparttar 118057 framed home page will appear inrepparttar 118058 target window, causing confusion to visitors.

8) Printing issues. Visitors need to take further steps within their print settings to ensurerepparttar 118059 information they want is printed correctly. In most cases, a full page cannot be printed as displayed onrepparttar 118060 screen, only in sections corresponding torepparttar 118061 frame.

9) Scroll bars, divider bars. If your framed site uses a number of frames, scroll bars can prove to be unsightly. These can be removed, but check compatibility with other popular browsers. (See further resources atrepparttar 118062 end of this article)

10) External linkages to your site. If other sites wish to link to specific pages in your site, it is more difficult for them to do so.

11) Refresh/Reload problems. Again, special care needs to be taken with coding otherwise when a visitor tries to refresh a particular page, they may be taken back torepparttar 118063 original frameset. A common problem.

It's a lot to consider; weigh uprepparttar 118064 pros and cons carefully. Instead of frames you could utilise a few lines of javascript code for quick global updates; learn more here:

Free Javascript to Dynamically update your website!

If you are a FrontPage user publishing to a FrontPage enable web server,repparttar 118065 "Include Page" function is very handy and easy to implement. For others Server Side Includes (SSI) may also be an option. Neither of these options give you a static feature, such as frames do - but it can save many hours in global site updates. You can learn more about Server Side Includes here:

Free Server Side Include Tutorial:

If you decide to use frames, and have already implemented them, you may findrepparttar 118066 following links to frame tutorials useful in planning or editing your site:

Free Framed Site Tutorials:

An excellent, in depth examination of Frame coding issues:

Getrepparttar 118067 low-down on frames from a search engine authority:

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Written by Maria Marsala

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Bonus: This program provides an on line, fill inrepparttar 118056 blanks form, that produces HTML code you've requested for your re-direct page. It's by who calls it a jumper page program.

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