Adsense and the Mesothelioma bandwagon

Written by Lee Munson

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Yet, still more and more people are jumping onrepparttar mesothelioma bandwagon, hoping to make a quick buck. All this competition is blamed forrepparttar 136953 cost per click dropping to a few cents - that's simple supply and demand.

But, does this meanrepparttar 136954 revenue source has completely dried up? NO.

The vast majority of these new sites are made by inexperienced amateurs, simply targetingrepparttar 136955 single word of mesothelioma, and spending no time on promoting their sites through good seo practices and traditional link building. These guys are moaning onrepparttar 136956 forums that they only earn $0.03 per click.

Torepparttar 136957 informed webmasterrepparttar 136958 potential for profit is still there. Use a keyword generating tool and some imagination to produce keyword phrases.

Make your content about class A suits, file actions, drop in comment about lawyers and attorneys and suddenly your adsense ads are more specific and higher paying. Webmaster doing this keep surprisingly quiet onrepparttar 136959 forums!

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Written by Thom Reece

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How do you writerepparttar attention-getting headline? First, carefully review allrepparttar 136744 benefits of-use of your product or service. Second, take your most important benefit and weave that benefit into your headline. Use action words to describerepparttar 136745 benefit to one individual reader.

Here are some examples...

"Save 50% On Office Supplies...Send For Your Free Catalog Today !"

"How YOU Can Create Advertising That SELLS!"

"New! Amazing Techniques That You Can Use To Land A High-Paying Job...Today!"

"How To Design Profit-Producing Web Sites That SELL!"


When writing your ad to a business-to-business audience you should keep in mindrepparttar 136746 six key benefits most likely to get attention:

1.Save Money 2.Save Time 3.Increase Sales 4.Increase Profits 5.Enhance Image 6.Boost cash flow

Most other benefits are subordinate to these key six. I call them the"Business Benefit Six-Pack." Show your customer how your product or service provides these benefits, and you will dramatically improve your results.

INTEREST AND DESIRE> (The Offer, Body Copy, Benefits-Benefits- Benefits) You build interest in your product or service (andrepparttar 136747 desire to buy) by makingrepparttar 136748 customer a compelling offer and by describing as many benefits as possible in simple and interesting terms.

Tip # 1: Top ad pros always writerepparttar 136749 ad first, then buy whatever space necessary to displayrepparttar 136750 ad message with clarity and power.

Tip # 2: Words sell...graphic design displaysrepparttar 136751 words in a visually appealing way. Donít confuserepparttar 136752 two. No amount of trendy design will make a poorly written ad sell for you. Good design reinforces good cannot takerepparttar 136753 place of it! The implication for internet marketers is that content is king. Avoid glitsy, moving graphics that only distract from your message and increase load times. Good design and good copy should work synergistically.

Tip #3: Long copy long as itís good copy. I call it "greased slide" copy. You getrepparttar 136754 reader onrepparttar 136755 top ofrepparttar 136756 slide when he reads a powerful headline, and he canít get off until he has takenrepparttar 136757 action asked for (i.e., orderedrepparttar 136758 product, maderepparttar 136759 trip torepparttar 136760 store, dialedrepparttar 136761 phone, clickedrepparttar 136762 order/inquiry button, filled outrepparttar 136763 on-line order, etc.).

ACTION(Ask For The Order) Now comesrepparttar 136764 moment of truth. You must ask forrepparttar 136765 order. Give reasons forrepparttar 136766 customer to buy now...and make it easy for him to do so. In direct response marketing, this will involve a coupon for mail orders, a toll-free order line, an e-mail address, an on-line order form, a fax order line..any means to make it easy and simple to order!

Takerepparttar 136767 fear out ofrepparttar 136768 purchase. Give solid guarantees. Offer secure ordering for on-line customers. Show testimonials from satisfied customers.

Show whatrepparttar 136769 customer is going to lose if he doesnít order now.

If you are a retailer, include a map to your store(s) (newcomers love them). Showrepparttar 136770 credit cards you accept, listrepparttar 136771 hours of operation, tell them about your friendly staff, include a special coupon or other incentive. In other words, "Roll outrepparttar 136772 red carpet."


So there you have it. A primer on good advertising. If Iíve piqued your interest to learn more, then check outrepparttar 136773 other articles available at this resource.

Remember, bad matter whatrepparttar 136774 an unproductive expense.

Good advertising is an investment in future profits!

Good advertising and good management go together. You canít have a successful business on-line or off-line---without both.

Thom Reece, is a direct marketing consultant. For additional information on his speaking or consulting services you can visit his company's web site: On-Line Marketing Resource Center or E-MAIL

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