Adsense/Adwords - make a million lose a million?

Written by Paul Foley

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Well lets see. If we assume that you want to target expensive words with cheap words you might userepparttar following:

As you can see we have selected three 'cheap' phrases that will deliver targetted visitors (remember that this is only an example - don't rush off and do this as you will lose a shed load of money!). So fromrepparttar 140218 example above we see that for a total cost of $40 we can get 76 visitors and if we assume thatrepparttar 140219 'mortgage' keyword pays $1 a hit then we'll be in profit by $36 a day.

Isn't that nice, not a quick way to get rich but free money ........................dear sweet Jesus, if only it were that simple! This is why I said DON'T rush off and implement this example.

If this was all there is to it there would be a lot more millionaires out there. There is one aspect of this example that has not been covered. We've assumed that everyone seeingrepparttar 140220 advert forrepparttar 140221 cheap keywords will want to click onrepparttar 140222 more expensive keyword adverts - they don't and they wont.

In general terms a good conversion rate for adsense is 5% (this is considered a GOOD conversion rate), so lets have a look at that example again.

Total hits = 76 Cost per hit = $0.53 Price per expensive hit = $1 Click through rate (CTR) 5%

hits * ctr * $1 = $3.80 Cost - profit = Bugger!

Oops! - you just emptied your bank account.

As yo can see from this example it's only when you sit down and really work out what everythings worth that you realise that you can lose big time. So, this example shows you how NOT to do it, it doesn't mean that in general it doesn't work, it does mean that you need to carefully select you keywords (the ones you're paying for and targetting) and develop a site for them.

This then begsrepparttar 140223 question How do you go about choosingrepparttar 140224 right keywords and markets? There are a couple of ways of doing this, first you can sit down and think of a few areas that seem to be really popular, for example mortgages, loans, forex trading. You can then go to somewhere like word tracker (they have a free trial service via our link - top right, completely free) which you can use to see how many people are actually searching for a given phrase - this then will tell you if there is sufficient interest to make it worth while. You then go and create your site and content. this then allows you to zoom in on one particular area, one niche if you like - but there is a better way.

The second way of getting yourself up and running with a money making adsense campaign is quicker and easier. You start by going out and finding all ofrepparttar 140225 public domain articles that you can and saving them to your hard drive - ensuring that you also saverepparttar 140226 authors ID and link text (fair is fair). Once you have a reasonable collection of documents you then apply them to you web page (you have a single page and just save multiple copies of it with different names usingrepparttar 140227 free content). Each one of these pages should have your adsense account script embedded and then it's just a case of getting indexed.

For both of these methods you still need to perform your own search engine optimisation.

This of course is also not an over night solution. if you arerepparttar 140228 impatient type you get yourslf a piece of software that will take your content and mass produce web pages for you and performrepparttar 140229 required search engine optimisation for you (so in other words a turn key solution). This then leaves you with onlyrepparttar 140230 task of getting a domain name and hosting account to perform manually. This solution can obviously be expanded upon to include many different niche areas within one site, thus ensuring thatrepparttar 140231 software does all of your SEO acrossrepparttar 140232 entire site and that all of your pages get listed.

Once you have your site completely up and running you can simply buy some very cheap pay per click advertising to get pre targetted traffic to your niche pages (doesn't have to be from Google - can be from findwhat or another smaller service or a big boy like overture).

Forrepparttar 140233 impatient amongst you there might still berepparttar 140234 question of cost, i.e. what does one of these all singing all dancing solutions cost? Simply put it depends, I know that there are a variety of solutions out there ranging from $50 a month up to $150 a month - and these are effectively rental systems, these systems have a variety of functionality but none seem to auto SEO for you.

If this strikes you as an interesting way to make money - but you don't want to shell out on expensive software, or worse still 'rent' software, you might like to considerrepparttar 140235 'Cash Sense' system (which is in beta test atrepparttar 140236 moment).

More information on Cash Sense is available at Untilrepparttar 140237 next time, have fun.

Disclaimer: Adsense and Adwords are copyrighted trademarks of Google, adwords figures are shown here as an example only.

The author, Paul Foley, is the webmaster at http://www.HelpmeBuilda.Com and is also the author of the Page Generation Software 'Cash Sense' (which can be found at http://www.Cash-Sense.Com. Paul is an IT consultant with over 17 years in the business.

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