Adopting A Pet Pomeranian

Written by Lee Dobbins

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If itís a puppy you want to buy, or you plan to showrepparttar dog, you probably want to go straight to a breeder. If you do plan to buy from a breeder, make sure you use one that hasrepparttar 141408 good ofrepparttar 141409 breed at heart and not just trying to make a quick buck. Some things to consider when reviewing breeders are:

- Length of time in business and how many puppies they produce every year Ė too many may be an indication that they are more interested in money then in enhancingrepparttar 141410 breed. - Ask if they are involved in rescue forrepparttar 141411 breed- it shows a compassion and caring forrepparttar 141412 breed. - Make sure they knowrepparttar 141413 standard forrepparttar 141414 breed. - Find out if their breeders are registered. - Ask if any of their dogs have been found to have genetic defects Ė they should not still be breeding these dogs. - A reputable breeder will be most concerned that his puppies are going to good owners. Ifrepparttar 141415 breeder is grilling you about your family schedule and living environment then this is a good sign!

Once you have found your perfect pet Pomeranian, make sure you dedicaterepparttar 141416 time to proper training and grooming so that your dog can be a happy healthy companion for life!

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3 Tips For Dealing With Dog Emergencies

Written by by Paul J. Buckley

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3. Know what to do about poisoning.

Did you know that certain varieties of toads, salamanders, newts, and other amphibians are poisonous if licked? Hey, guess who loves to hold little woodland critters in his mouth! Your dog. If you notice your pup drooling, whining, and wiping at his mouth after a trip intorepparttar forest, get him to a clean water source and rinse his mouth thoroughly. Whilerepparttar 141374 poison can be fatal if left inrepparttar 141375 mouth, itís fairly easy to cleanse fromrepparttar 141376 tongue and glands.

Now imagine all ofrepparttar 141377 scenarios that can happen to your dog, from fractured limbs to choking and everything in between. Do you really want to risk not knowing how to handle them? You donít have to anymore, since Iíve written Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch to help you learn how to cope with nearly any emergency as well as haverepparttar 141378 basis for handling all ofrepparttar 141379 everyday and lifelong problems and situations youíll face with your dog. From choosing toys to cancer and everything in between, itís all inrepparttar 141380 bookÖ as well as how to createrepparttar 141381 most effective first aid kit and handlerepparttar 141382 most common emergencies. Listen, evenrepparttar 141383 most experienced dog owner needs a little help and advice now and then. Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch is that constant source of help and advice.

Paul J. Buckley-- If you a looking for a an informative book dealing with everything to do with dog health than you can't do better than Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Pooch. We highly recommend it:

Paul Buckley is a professional pilot, internet marketer and devoted dog lover.

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