Adolph Eichmann

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Like many other Nazis includingrepparttar highly sought after scientists who worked on various human guinea pigs, Eichmann made it to Argentina whererepparttar 144601 Vatican has had to admit it assisted many to escape. I hope someday people will read Benjamin Freedman and studyrepparttar 144602 nature of what went on enough to know that no one side in this issue is so completely black and white asrepparttar 144603 laundered history makes it seem.

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Child Protection Bills Lose, Yet You Still Can Do Something

Written by Ryan Orr

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Yet, we can have some old man fingering and touching our children, piercing his or her body, including touching their genitals, rear ends, and other parts, including piercing and tattooing those genitals all without parents permission. Hello Michael Sanchez, are you working forrepparttar citizens of New Mexico or not? Is this just to stop a Republican bill?

Let's see how this works: reintroduce a bill that says a minor can not have a tattoo or piercing withoutrepparttar 144600 presence of their parent or guardian. This is ridiculous. It isrepparttar 144601 responsibility ofrepparttar 144602 tattoo parlor? You bet it is.

Do parents have something they can do? You bet. Until Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez decides to work withrepparttar 144603 republican bills, and vice versa, you as a parent can and should press charges withrepparttar 144604 prosecuting attorney's office for and not including, because I am sure they come can up with other things, Child Endangerment, Child molestation, Contributing torepparttar 144605 Delinquency of a Minor, Child Abuse, Sadism, and a list a mile long. You as a parent have these options. Sincerepparttar 144606 tattoo or piercing is onrepparttar 144607 child, you haverepparttar 144608 evidence. Will a prosecutor prosecute? I'm betting if it were their child they would. So try it. This is a criminal offense even withoutrepparttar 144609 new law!

Tattoo parlors that would do this without a parent present shouldn't be in business inrepparttar 144610 first place, and I am sure most in this City, would not do it without a parent present. Correct me if you are a parent and know differently.

It isrepparttar 144611 job ofrepparttar 144612 Senate andrepparttar 144613 House to protect our children, not just on things they believe are correct, but in all matters. If tattoo parlors are doing this, and many are, then it is up to our representatives to stop it, and stop it cold.

If you are a responsible Tattoo Parlor or lawmaker make your voice heard, and write your representatives, e-mail them if nothing else, letrepparttar 144614 prosecutors judges and legislators know how you feel becauserepparttar 144615 next victim could be your son or daughter, or grandchild.

If you are a prosecutor make it known that any molestation by a tattoo parlor will be dealt with extreme prejudice. We will work onrepparttar 144616 laws.

Randy Redhawk has written four novels and two self help books under the name Ryan Orr, Including "Adolescent Boys and Dealing With Sex". His free lance articles have appeared in several Gannet newspapers, as well as the New York Times and Chicago Tribune and other major publications under Randy Weldon. He is a New Mexico resident. He can be reached at

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