Administrating Mailing Lists

Written by Jos van Doorn

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Being subscribed to a lot of mailing lists has a big disadvantage. You'll receive a lot of e-mails. The e- mails will fill your e-mail account quickly.

The first thing to do is open a separate e-mail account forrepparttar e-mails fromrepparttar 109694 mailing lists. Most ofrepparttar 109695 e- mails you'll just delete.

You can go a step further. Rememberrepparttar 109696 home page of Yahoo! Groups. There is a link withrepparttar 109697 words "My Groups". Click on that link.

A page is displayed. Onrepparttar 109698 page are all groups mentioned to which you subscribed. You can make changes to your subscription there.

The number of members ofrepparttar 109699 mailing list is onrepparttar 109700 page and alsorepparttar 109701 delivery options. Click onrepparttar 109702 link saying "Edit Delivery Options".

Now you can changerepparttar 109703 delivery options. There are four delivery options:

1. Individual Emails 2. Daily Digest 3. No Mail/Web Only 4. Unsubscribe

As you subscribe to a mailing listrepparttar 109704 first option is active. Individual e-mails will be send to you. That will fill your e-mail account quickly.

Choose for daily digest to receive less e-mails. When you do e-mails are bundled and put in one e-mail. That e-mail is send to you.

Butrepparttar 109705 third option isrepparttar 109706 best option. You're still subscribed torepparttar 109707 mailing list. But you don't receive e-mails no more.

The last option is a sort of double option. To unsubscribe you can also send an e-mail torepparttar 109708 mailing list.

There is another big advantage torepparttar 109709 My Groups page. You can see whether you can post messsages torepparttar 109710 mailing list.

If you can post messages torepparttar 109711 mailing list then a link saying "Post" is displayed. You can click on that link. An e-mail screen appears.

I don't know about you. But I only want mailing lists for posting announcements. So if I can't post torepparttar 109712 mailing list right away I unsubscribe!

This is allrepparttar 109713 administration that's needed for mailing lists. Keep it simple. Don't save too much. You don't want to spend days on your mailing lists.

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Signature Files: The easy way to create more business

Written by Keegan Michaels

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Manny Jackson

try something a little more descriptive and catchy, like

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It's not enough to just give an address, you've got to give people a reason to click. You've got to spark an interest in what you do. By creating a short, catchy and descriptive sig file, you can really set yourself ahead ofrepparttar 109693 pack.

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