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Written by Waqar Ahmed

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3) The last option and most easy and inexpensive is to use a remotely hosted scripts service, these are websites that provide a number of CGI scripts installed on their server anyone can sign up and than select scripts for his website. Webmaster are required to just add code in their WebPages that will show a link to your guest book etc or a poll or counter embedded in your page.

You fill all your information related to a service like Forum's title header and footer etc when you select a service allrepparttar content added by users of your website in your forums polls etc will be saved at remote script host's server also, which you can monitor or change at any time by logging on to remote script host's website.

Now you have to search for a perfect remotely hosted script their are many renowned sites dedicated to serve free remotely hosted cgi scripts usually supported with ads plus services that provide free and paid remotely hosted scripts. paid scripts serve you without adds and with added features. Here are some of these remotely hosted scripts services. I am discussing only those services which I have used and which are ad free or display a not very annoying advertisments.

CGI Spy : cgi spy is ad supported, with every poll or guest book etc their would be advertisement links or banners. They have long list of remotely hosted scripts free to use with more than one design to choose from. Scripts include site news, faqs manage,r counter, forum guest book, site search and polls etc

hosted scripts : this is another add supported service with huge list of remotely hosted free scripts.23 scripts including top site, password protection, random image and download tracker etc.

wwwtoolz :repparttar 131543 only ad free service providing all basic remotely hosted scripts e.g forum, guest book, poll, counter, faq manger, site news and site search. Forum is nice plus you can show latest posts at your home page, only one poll for one account. This service went off for almost one month than there were some problems with their service now its running smoothly. Do check out this service.

proboards : free and paid boards with excellent features and design. advertisements are shown as links and banners but still it looks very decentrepparttar 131544 drawback is that banners are usually very targeted (usually Google Adsense text ads). sites advertised in banners would be of similar content as content of your board think your traffic taken off to a site of similar content. You can upgrade to a add free and enhanced features board.

Xsorbit : similar to pro boards check out this service it has some different features than pro boards and two upgrades to paid version.

Web Poll Central : free skinable polls supported by ads, results for poll are shown with a full size  banner. : free up to ten polls with maximum eight choices only a text link is shown atrepparttar 131545 bottom of results. usually this text link is enough to motivate visitor to click on it. The poll script do not allow visitors to select more than one choice plus you can not edit your poll question once you submitted instead you will need to delete whole and add a new poll.(this service is off now)

Bravenet : bravenet has long list of remotely hosted scripts including greeting card free for all links. Ads are displayed.

Site Gadgets : 23 scripts including tell a friend, post card, mailing list, download tracker, compliments, free contents etc.

Your CGI : free remotely hosted scripts like free meta tag generator, polls, counter and spam fighter.

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Book Review: The Non-designer’s Design Book, Second Edition

Written by Granny's Mettle

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The typography section, onrepparttar other hand, explainsrepparttar 131540 principles of Concord, Conflict, and Contrast. The three (3) principles have been based by Williams on typefaces by style, weight, shape, and spacing.

Totally clueless on graphic design, I wanted to have knowledge, even ifrepparttar 131541 most basic, onrepparttar 131542 good and bad of designing. This book definitely provided me withrepparttar 131543 basic technical ability to do so. Suggestions on creating one-page designs for simple newsletters, brochures, or business cards have been an eye-opener for me. Also, it has given me helpful and useful insights onrepparttar 131544 world of layout.

Mind you,repparttar 131545 book does not make you an instant expert and professional designer who is capable of producing sophisticated works of art. For this, you really need to have a formal degree to achieve this.

However, if your goal is to be able to haverepparttar 131546 ability to produce easy and decent media pieces, this book can help you on that department. Maybe someday I can venture intorepparttar 131547 graphics design business.

Provide yourselfrepparttar 131548 time to readrepparttar 131549 book and dorepparttar 131550 exercises. It will definitely help you improve your designs. I know mine did.

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