Addicted to Reality Television

Written by Sally Summers

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shows coming soon I turn torepparttar Entertainment Magazines; TV Guide, In Touch, and Satellite Direct to keep me informed aboutrepparttar 140711 ins and outs of my favorite reality TV programs.

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Infinity - Feynman

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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When Feynman was at Los Alamos he danced spirit dances frequently; and he had been aware ofrepparttar so-called paranormal all his life. In fact I believe I learned throughrepparttar 140654 same methods he did – not in school. When he was at Princeton as a grad studentrepparttar 140655 head ofrepparttar 140656 Physics Department begged him to go with their government project as he said there are none like you anywhere. I loved hearingrepparttar 140657 care Robert Oppenheimer showed even though he had never metrepparttar 140658 young couple. I say that because his cousin John in London who offered to make merepparttar 140659 head of his printing company, showed that same kind of care for me.

Feynman died in 1988 before his partner John Wheeler met Peter Lynds who is now promoting an ancient Greek theory on Infinity. Wheeler supports Lynds who has no real formal education and that is to his credit. I must say there aren’t enough people like Dick Feynman and I wish there were a lot more. Thank you –repparttar 140660 Brodericks.

The Joy of Learning is more important than the power of money.

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