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Written by Steve Nash

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The web is literally brim-full with free website building tools that can really improve your website. Again, you are only limited by your own imagination (or creative combination of other people's imagination!). I recommend you visit all of these sites, and get thinking...

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Think for a while aboutrepparttar sites that *you* really like, and think why it is that you like them. And always be onrepparttar 125168 look- out for good ideas, both online and offline.


Make your site a "wow!", and get everyone talking about (and visiting) your site. Sounds simple, doesn't it! It isn't, but there are lots of tools and resources onrepparttar 125169 Internet to help you. Just add your brain... then create a buzz!

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Written by Richard Lowe

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Be sure and mention any specials or any new free things. This is very important. Tease them with something free, something which absolutely requires them to visitrepparttar site. A free desktop theme, or some wallpaper, or clipart or anything like that.

Don't overloadrepparttar 125167 thing with ads. A few is fine, especially for your own services and offerings, but if you include more than half a dozen ads your e-newsletter will wind up deleted more often than not. Especially if those ads are atrepparttar 125168 top ofrepparttar 125169 newsletter.

HTML format is great, because you can also include nice looking graphics and other things. In addition,repparttar 125170 HTML code can be included in your site as content - previous issues. I would stay away from any Java, ActiveX, Javascript, VBscript or any other fancy things as these tend to be frowned upon in emails. Just a nice looking, simple, quick newsletter describing what's new and tellingrepparttar 125171 visitor why he needs to come back to your site.

And that's what's critical ... gettingrepparttar 125172 visitors to come back to your site again and again.

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