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Written by M J Plaster

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If you've never used anything but wax candles, try one ofrepparttar new gel candles. Gel candles are translucent and their shimmering glow is irresistible torepparttar 100039 eye. You'll find gel candles ready to display in their own attractive glass containers.

Candles and Fragrance

Scented and aromatherapy candles make an excellent choice forrepparttar 100040 kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Consider odor-neutralizing scented candles a necessity forrepparttar 100041 kitchen when you entertain. They serve triple duty by quickly neutralizing cooking odors, adding a pleasant scent and a touch or warmth. Larger scented candles often include interesting texture, shape and color variation.

Candleholders and Display Options

If you use your patio as a three-season outdoor room, float citronella votives in water onrepparttar 100042 patio for a lily-pads-in-the-pond effect. You'll scare awayrepparttar 100043 mosquitoes and other flying irritants atrepparttar 100044 same time. Place all citronella candles a few feet fromrepparttar 100045 table so that you don't run offrepparttar 100046 guests along withrepparttar 100047 insects.

Votive holders have blossomed into every imaginable shape, including butterflies, bejeweled beveled glass holders, and seascape holders. Many ofrepparttar 100048 votive designs are ideally suited for an outdoor environment.

Hurricane lamps add light and atmosphere torepparttar 100049 outdoor table inrepparttar 100050 evening. Eve lights can produce harsh lighting, and hurricane lamps provide enough light to see without detracting fromrepparttar 100051 atmosphere. When selecting a candleholder for outdoor use, it's important to select one that shieldsrepparttar 100052 flame fromrepparttar 100053 wind, and hurricane lamps provide ample protection fromrepparttar 100054 wind.

If you haven't seenrepparttar 100055 newer tea lamp candleholders, you're not going to believe your eyes. These candleholders are every bit as elaborate and intricate as their electrical counterparts. If you preferrepparttar 100056 formal look of a chandelier, consider a chandelier candleholder for a soft, diffused light. The next time a storm or tornado blows through your area, leaving you without electricity, tea lamp, hurricane and chandelier candleholders will be ready and waiting.

Whatever your décor, imaginative use of candles and candleholders allows you to change your décor as often as you change your mood.

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Written by John Rocco

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Another test is called Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The SHGC measures a window's rate of heat penetration from outside. The lowerrepparttar number,repparttar 100038 better resistance there is to heat getting intorepparttar 100039 house from outside. There are also air and water infiltration tests. The air test actually tests how much air is able to pass throughrepparttar 100040 window from outside to inside. Therefore, you want a low number. Typically, a .30 isrepparttar 100041 maximum allowable rate of air infiltration. Water infiltration testsrepparttar 100042 amount of water and pressurerepparttar 100043 window is able to resist. Therefore,repparttar 100044 higher rating is better for this test. Frankly, i wish they would just rate all tests on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being best. Then, you wouldn't get confused trying to remember which tests should have high numbers and which ones should have low numbers. You can get more information on window testing by going torepparttar 100045 NFRC Website.

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