Add A Room To Your Home With A Patio Awning

Written by Garry John

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What type of patio awning is best? That depends on your patio, where you live, and how you use your patio. Some ofrepparttar most popular styles and their best setting are listed below.

- Fixed Patio Awning

Fixed awnings are not usually recommended as patio awnings. They’re designed to withstand extremes of weather conditions, and cannot be rolled back. If you’re planning a patio area that you’ll sometimes want to expose to full sun, a retractable awning is a far better choice.

- Retractable Patio Awning

Retractable patio awnings are designed to be retracted during extremes of weather to prevent damage torepparttar 143350 awning. They can be retracted via a hand crank or a motorized pulley, and some ofrepparttar 143351 latest styles even feature automatic wind and rain sensors to closerepparttar 143352 awning whether or not you’re there to push a button. You can choose patio awnings that retract completely into a compact ‘cassette’ frame, that have installed lighting or heating, as well as patio awnings that are specially constructed for windy areas or for full tilt-angle control to adjust your shade precisely.

A consultation with a professional dealer and patio awning installer will give yourepparttar 143353 best idea of what sort of patio awning will suit your needs best.

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Practical Feng Shui – Debunking the myths and finding out what we can actually learn from the ancients

Written by Joey Lewitin

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Colors also affectrepparttar nature of interactions, and when you enter a new space you should always pay attention torepparttar 143201 way people behave to one another. If there is a room in your home where people tend to get into arguments, reassessrepparttar 143202 colors in that room. Bright or extreme colors can irritate people’s eyes and increase their metabolism, making them more likely to fight. Darker rooms can put people in a bad mood and make them lethargic. Color and placement are notrepparttar 143203 only things that influence interactions, but by paying attention you may be able to understandrepparttar 143204 subtle influence it can have.

Flow In traditional Feng Shui,repparttar 143205 goal is to maximizerepparttar 143206 flow of positive chi in an area. While you will probably not be able to detectrepparttar 143207 essence ofrepparttar 143208 energy of a space, you can increaserepparttar 143209 feeling of flow in a room by paying attention torepparttar 143210 way people and objects move throughrepparttar 143211 space.

The flow you want to achieve is inrepparttar 143212 essence ofrepparttar 143213 room. You want there to be easy access for people moving throughrepparttar 143214 room, as well as in and out of it. You want objects to be able to move from their storage, into use, and back without adding to clutter. This kind of flow is a mixture of organization and design that focuses on removing blockages and allowing easy movement through every area.

You will be able to feel whether a room has flow just by walking into it. There are tiny currents of air that run through every space. We do not generally notice these currents, however using your intuition you can just barely perceive this air. The difference between greater and lesser currents will be translated into your mind as greater or lesser flow. As always, make yourself sensitive torepparttar 143215 subtleties ofrepparttar 143216 space.

EXPERIMENT It is important to allow yourself to be wrong. If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn anything. Pay attention to emotional variations you feel from placing different decorations and colors in different spaces. At a certain point, stop and simply exist inrepparttar 143217 room, remaining attentive torepparttar 143218 feel ofrepparttar 143219 space. Occasionally, make small changes, and observerepparttar 143220 emotional and interactive differences.

If you don’t haverepparttar 143221 time or strength to constantly move furnishings and furniture around, then try visualizing different scenarios. Sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, and imaginerepparttar 143222 room in a different style. Imagine yourself inrepparttar 143223 room, and try to incorporate every detail inrepparttar 143224 room intorepparttar 143225 setting. Feel how your emotions respond to such a setting. Pay attention to any problems you may feel. Allow yourself access torepparttar 143226 subconscious of your mind, and trust its natural inclinations, as it will pick up on problems and solutions that you won’t consciously understand. Use color charts and pictures to help withrepparttar 143227 imagination process.

Feng Shui is a very respectable form of interior decorating with a long and rich history. However, it was originally based on simple trial and error, as ancient Chinese thinkers exploredrepparttar 143228 many different ways that positioning and design can affectrepparttar 143229 most subtle workings ofrepparttar 143230 human mind. Today you can try to recreate that method, by experimenting with yourself and your surroundings to produce a room that will affect you and your family in a positive way. While you probably won’t achieverepparttar 143231 accuracy ofrepparttar 143232 ancients in your first attempt, each try will educate you as torepparttar 143233 style and design that suites you best as well asrepparttar 143234 way it affects you. Exploring this further can allow you a creative outlet enabling you to get in touch withrepparttar 143235 very basic nature of art that exists within you.

Joey Lewitin is an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone. Original designs from him and other artisans can be seen at The Stone Décor Store

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