Add-on Accessories To Enhance Your Ride

Written by Alan Detwiler

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Compass - Some are magnetic, some mechanical; some are battery powered with digital displays, can be lighted to read at night, and/or have additional features such as time, date, and/or temperature.

example models:

4 point safety harness - Has four anchor points and a restraint for each shoulder. These are more likely to get you through a crash with less injury than if you had been using a standard belt (across one shoulder and acrossrepparttar lap). Many of these models are made to attach to a roll bar, so make surerepparttar 147372 one you are getting is appropriate for your vehicle.

example models:

Power inverter - Plugs intorepparttar 147373 cigarette lighter socket, clips to battery, or wire it in. The vehicle's 12 volts dc is changed to 120 volts ac to power things like laptop computers, coffee makers, cell phones, camcorder battery chargers and other small appliances. Don't go bigger than 400 watts unless you want to go directly torepparttar 147374 battery with heavy wire. Even then, high power devices will drain your battery quickly and could fryrepparttar 147375 alternator ifrepparttar 147376 engine is running.

example models:

Other accessories that can be used to enhance your car include seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, sun shades, head rest covers, litter bags, can and cup holders, inside/outside thermometer, gps/map device, extra loud or novelty sound horns.

Items to keep in your car for repair, emergency, safety and miscellaneous - Jack, lug wrench, trouble light, flares, jumper cables, maps, cell phone and phone numbers, coolant for radiator, drinking water, long storage food, empty container for gasoline, various hand tools, gloves, coat, hat, blanket, rain poncho, and a first aid kit.

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Parts Train now offers exceptional Power Vision Towing Mirrors

Written by Jenny McLane

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