Ad Copywriting: Building Brand Equity one Word at a Time

Written by Jon Wuebben

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5)Donít use Clichťs! Nothing more really needs to be said on that one. Just make sure they donít creep in.

6)Make Every Word Count. This is where ad copywriting really becomes an art form. To make every word count means that you have to get rid ofrepparttar fluff and keeprepparttar 139402 meaningful words. Youíll find when you do this thatrepparttar 139403 ad will take on a whole new look and feel. Butrepparttar 139404 real impact is made when it is read. An ad that keeps onlyrepparttar 139405 words that count is an ad that will read very well.

7)Use Short, Snappy Sentences. Saverepparttar 139406 long drawn out, adjective filled ones for those term papers or essays. Thatísrepparttar 139407 only place they belong. People are drawn to copy that is punchy, snappy and torepparttar 139408 point. Usingrepparttar 139409 present tense andrepparttar 139410 active voice will go a long way to getting you there. Good ads always use them. You also know it when you see it. And it always makes a better impression.

8)Use AIDA. Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this. With any advertisement, this is reallyrepparttar 139411 ďfoundationĒ on which everything else is built. Quite simply, itís: Grabrepparttar 139412 readerís attention, build their interest, create a desire in them, and make them take action. Of course, itís very easy to say this is what you need to do. The harder question is ďhow do you do it?Ē Well think of yourself. What makes you buy something? After you figure that out, then apply it torepparttar 139413 copy you are writing.

9)Write about Benefits! People love to know whatís in it for them. In fact, they really want to know whatís in it for them! But how many websites or ads have you seen that just talk about how greatrepparttar 139414 product or service is? The goal is to express how this product or service will positively impact your customerís life. The features ofrepparttar 139415 product orrepparttar 139416 details aboutrepparttar 139417 company are important, but they are second string torepparttar 139418 first string status of benefits. It takes practice, but it will come. People are just so conditioned to talk about features, that they forget aboutrepparttar 139419 most important partÖBENEFITS!

Thatís it! Nine simple steps to keep in mind when writing that next world class, award winning ad! And if you really follow all of them, winning an award could truly be a reality. Because whenrepparttar 139420 right words come together withrepparttar 139421 right image, thatís when people will magicallyÖand faithfullyÖ.BUY!

Good Luck!

Jon Wuebben is a professional Website Copywriter, SEO Copywriter and Advertising Copywriter with 10 years experience in B2B & B2C copywriting and marketing. He can be reached at (909) 437-7015, or online at for any copywriting project you may have or if you would like more articles or a complimentary Website Copy analysis.

Hiring a GREAT Copywriter

Written by Jon Wuebben

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The first thing to keep in mind is that a great copywriter is easy to work with. They are experienced in dealing with professionals. It helps to know what can makerepparttar difference in working with a great copywriter.

First, get your agreement in writing. A written contract is always a good idea, and can prevent difficult situations or misunderstandings from happening inrepparttar 139401 first place. A solid contract outlinesrepparttar 139402 work to be performed, fees, due dates, terms and conditions.

Next, always know how much itís going to cost. Try to get your copywriter to commit to a flat fee beforerepparttar 139403 project begins. This way, both parties are protected. Hourly writers should be avoided. Thereís no incentive for them to getrepparttar 139404 job done in a timely manner.

Quality copy isnít cheap. Be prepared to pay for that quality. Great copy is worth its weight in gold, because it can makerepparttar 139405 difference between a product that sells five units, and that same product selling five thousand units. Great copywriters are worth every dollar they make.

Itís also a good idea to have one person- and one person only, appointed to deal with your copywriter. It can be very confusing to have a whole team of people interacting with a copywriter. Conflicting ideas can arise and confusion is usuallyrepparttar 139406 only outcome. Designate one person to handle all communications.

Great copywriters like to know exactly what they will be writing. Many times, assignments are vague. Itís important to spell out in clear, simple terms, whatrepparttar 139407 writer needs to know to do his best work. Sometimesrepparttar 139408 target audience is vague. Other timesrepparttar 139409 features and benefits ofrepparttar 139410 product are unclear. In addition, a great copywriter needs to knowrepparttar 139411 reason forrepparttar 139412 assignment. Isrepparttar 139413 client introducing a new product or service? Are they trying to qualify prospects? This is a critically significant piece ofrepparttar 139414 project.

Make sure you giverepparttar 139415 copywriter allrepparttar 139416 background material they need to writerepparttar 139417 copy. Types of things they need are previous ads, testimonials, product brochures, market research, and information onrepparttar 139418 competitors. Having these materials makesrepparttar 139419 project so much easier.

One issue that almost goes without saying, but is also sometimes overlooked is payment. If youíre a professional, one ofrepparttar 139420 most frustrating elements of business can be issues around payment, and late payment. If you want to work with a great copywriter, itís important to make this a non-issue.

Finally, give feedback. Copywriters know all about constructive criticism. Itís a big part of makingrepparttar 139421 marketing piecerepparttar 139422 best possible. A great copywriter will always be receptive to it. But more than that, a great copywriter wants to know your feedback. Good or bad. Itísrepparttar 139423 only way to make it better.

Jon Wuebben is a professional Website Copywriter, SEO Copywriter and Advertising Copywriter with 10 years experience in B2B & B2C copywriting and marketing. He can be reached at (909) 437-7015, or online at for any copywriting project you may have or if you would like more articles or a Complimentary Website Copy analysis.

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