AdWords Analyzer Review - Pros and Cons

Written by Gerardas Norkus

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2) You can carry out your research on Wordtracker ( and then import your keyword list from a text file. I highly recommend using Wordtracker for your PPC keywords research, because as you will soon find out, keyword counts by Adwords Analyzer can be heavily flawed.

3) The Adwords Analyzer is regularly updated with new features.


1) In some cases, Adword Analyser keyword counts are vastly over-estimated asrepparttar software usesrepparttar 135106 Overture's Keyword Selector Tool to findrepparttar 135107 number of monthly searches. Overture's keyword plurals and mispellings are lumped together. Besides,repparttar 135108 keywords counts are flawed due to webmasters using Overture for their own keyword research.

2) The software might get you into trouble with Google because it queries Google search engine for its results. Google doesn't allow any automatic query tools.

3) Although it's quite easy to userepparttar 135109 software,repparttar 135110 Adwords Analyser lacks a more detailed supporting documentation.

The Adwords Analyzer is a very strong product and offers lots of useful features that can be used in PPC marketing, however, it's not suitable forrepparttar 135111 search engine optimization or profitable niche markets development.

In my opinion, WordTracker still remainsrepparttar 135112 one and only reliable tool forrepparttar 135113 profitable keywords research.

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The Usefullness f Traffic Exchanges

Written by Yvonne Finn

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But were they ever "alive"?

Did traffic exchanges ever work, as promised or as they should have? It is my personal belief and experience that as a marketing tool, Traffic Exchanges, are not effective now and unlikely to become so inrepparttar future.

The only reason anyone would surf any of these programs would be to find a business offer, but this can be done more efficiently by visiting one ofrepparttar 134995 search engines, such as Google.

If you have a business, whether e-commerce or "brick and mortar", you want to make money. Your time is one ofrepparttar 134996 best investment that you can make in your business. Spend it wisely! Pursuing unproductive methods will soon grind you down and undermine your confidence.

Learn some ofrepparttar 134997 truly effective methods and formulas that will get you and business noticed and respected onrepparttar 134998 Internet.

Write helpful articles, use an autoresponder, put up a well designed website as soon as you are able to. Join and contribute sensibly to forums that match your business theme. Buy advertisement or use free tightly targeted free classifieds.

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