Activities to Help You Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right

Written by Sadie Peterson

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3.Take a class – No matter whatrepparttar subject, taking a class atrepparttar 135643 local junior college or education center will help you meet people. Pick something fun, like a cooking class, or something that’ll really boost your earnings, like a real estate investing class.

4.Say Yes – Without even realizing it, you’re probably turning down opportunities to meet new people every day. So,repparttar 135644 next time your co-worker mentions that networking meeting she goes to every Wednesday, or your boss suggests a happy hour after work, say Yes. The more people you’re exposed to,repparttar 135645 more likely you are to meet people who share your interests.

5.Join a social club – In nearly every city, there are clubs to help people meet each other. Sometimes they’re called Newcomers Clubs, other times simply Social Clubs. Regardless, joining such a club will give you access to unlimited potential friends – and will generally help you get to know your new city better, too! This is a fail-proof way to meet people, because everyone else wants to meet new people too.

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Star Wars Episode III - How Will the Story Middle?

Written by David Kuhne

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Then there is Palpatine. Though I take it as read that Palpatine and Darth Sidious are one andrepparttar same (and seem to recall canon support for this, besiderepparttar 135642 fact that it just seems so totally obvious), I have also heardrepparttar 135643 possibility voiced that they are different people. It doesn't seem at all likely to me, but maybe Lucas has some little strings he can pull to show uprepparttar 135644 full picture, like some complex origami fold which requires one last simple tug to unfurl a vast tangle of deceptive brilliance. I'm not holding my breath.

Takingrepparttar 135645 line of thought used for Mace Windu, as Padme is not mentioned inrepparttar 135646 Trilogy, she either dies or goes into hiding and becomes totally unimportant torepparttar 135647 rest ofrepparttar 135648 series;repparttar 135649 latter seems highly unlikely. Padme's last major contribution torepparttar 135650 story isrepparttar 135651 delivery of Luke and Leia intorepparttar 135652 Galaxy, but once that bit of established "history" is out ofrepparttar 135653 way, anything could happen. Since Vader is unaware ofrepparttar 135654 locations or perhaps even existence of his children, Anakin probably won't know aboutrepparttar 135655 birth or perhaps evenrepparttar 135656 conception. It is likely that Padme leaves him shortly thereafter, once he has revealed that his inner darkness isn't something she can help him defeat.

There are a few other bits which don't necessarily have to be addressed in this story. One isrepparttar 135657 change from clone troopers to stormtroopers; since stormtroopers seem to be normal citizens ofrepparttar 135658 Empire, it shouldn't berepparttar 135659 same group of people. Somewhere alongrepparttar 135660 way Palpatine must make this change, probably asrepparttar 135661 supply of clone troopers dwindle, but there is no reason Lucas would have to put it in Revenge ofrepparttar 135662 Sith. Also, of course,repparttar 135663 ships, vehicles, and armor shown in Attack ofrepparttar 135664 Clones are quite similar to those used byrepparttar 135665 Empire in later years,repparttar 135666 Imperial designs evolved from those ofrepparttar 135667 Clone Wars. Since this would take some time to change, it will probably not be shown in Revenge.

To summarize: Anakin and Obi-Wan fight, and Anakin probably gets hurt; more Jedi die, possibly atrepparttar 135668 hands of Anakin later inrepparttar 135669 movie; Obi-Wan and Yoda survive and set up Luke and Leia for their roles inrepparttar 135670 Trilogy; Palpatine may choose this time to reveal his inner darkness torepparttar 135671 Galaxy, now that it's too late for them to do anything about it; and Mace Windu and Padme probably die. Most likelyrepparttar 135672 Clone Wars are still raging, so we can count on them to infuserepparttar 135673 movie with action, and sincerepparttar 135674 Empire is onrepparttar 135675 rise, we can assume thatrepparttar 135676 movie will have a darkening theme, though withrepparttar 135677 light atrepparttar 135678 end ofrepparttar 135679 distant tunnel inrepparttar 135680 form ofrepparttar 135681 Skywalker twins. It'll be interesting to see how Lucas manages to pack all of this into one movie. But willrepparttar 135682 movie satisfyrepparttar 135683 gads of millions of fans? Only time, andrepparttar 135684 power ofrepparttar 135685 Force, will tell.

David Kuhne is a co-administrator of A Happy Time - Kids' Party Supplies ( He enjoys Sci-Fi books and movies.

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