Active Vacations

Written by Ida Byrd-Hill

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Or skiing downrepparttar steep mountains ofrepparttar 151109 Rockies only to land inrepparttar 151110 ritzy ski resorts of Beaver Creek, Lake Tahoe or Jackson Hole. The mountain ranges ofrepparttar 151111 Rockies will truly tone your thighs if it doesnít break you bones.

Or kayakingrepparttar 151112 choppy waters ofrepparttar 151113 Pacific Ocean onrepparttar 151114 shores of Tahiti or Fiji. The rowing motion will create a powerful upper chest and arms.

An active vacation doesrepparttar 151115 body and mind good. After any of these active vacations you will surely want to maximize your investment and to keep your Resolution to lose weight.

Ida B. Byrd-Hill was the President of The Harvard Group Wealth Management L.L.C. for 10 years. She created investment portfolios, insurance plans and residential/ commercial financing. She is President of She has served as guest columnist for the Michigan Front Page for 2 years and a speaker for the Better Investing television show hosted by David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber.

An Ab Excercise For Everyone!

Written by Beth Scott

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Then lay back down and repeat 20 times. If youíre a beginner at ab exercise you may want to work your way up slowly, starting with five ab excercises everyday and each week adding one more ab excercise on.

Do this ab exercise with both legs, resting your left ankle on your right knee as you repeatrepparttar selected amount of crunches.

I took my waist down an inch doing this ab exercise, and Iíve never gone back up. There is no reason why you can't too!

Believe me. Once you start to apply this you will begin seeing results very soon.

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