Acting as Your own General Contractor when Building your Dream Home

Written by Robert Kempe

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Managingrepparttar Subcontractors; You thought deciding who to hire as your subcontractor was difficult, try managing them! This is where most ofrepparttar 135284 stress and “sweat equity” occurs. I have been a construction project manager for 15+ years and honestly, every time I am assigned a new projectrepparttar 135285 fear ofrepparttar 135286 unknown working relationships with each ofrepparttar 135287 subs is a major concern. I feel your pain! To help you in your management, have a schedule ready duringrepparttar 135288 bidding war between contractors. Have this presented atrepparttar 135289 time you presentrepparttar 135290 construction drawings. In fact, have three schedules! What this will generate is three different prices from each contractor. Use this as part of your evaluation as mentioned inrepparttar 135291 previous paragraph. Your long schedule, medium schedule and short schedule will generate different responses. You want this information up front so that when it comes time to sign a contact withrepparttar 135292 subs, you can put in clauses that if they do not holdrepparttar 135293 schedule there are financial burdens placed on them. This will protect you from mismanagement on their part. Typical content found in a residential building contract can be found atrepparttar 135294 following link

After allrepparttar 135295 schedules and contracts are agreed upon, you become more thanrepparttar 135296 customer, now you arerepparttar 135297 boss. Everyday you need to communicate withrepparttar 135298 subs and get an updated detailed report on what, where, when, how and why they are on or off schedule. Managerepparttar 135299 project byrepparttar 135300 schedule. Keep in mind thatrepparttar 135301 schedule will change if you decide to change your scope of work by issuing change orders (example: changingrepparttar 135302 cupboard or cabinet size,repparttar 135303 flooring, or appliance). Keep in mind that during this time, this is a small business and your profit is represented by how close you come to your original agreed upon costs associated withrepparttar 135304 schedule afterrepparttar 135305 contract signing. We could talk about management all day long. In fact there are training courses on this subject that cost thousands of dollars. Hopefully this bit of information will get you onrepparttar 135306 right track and help make a smooth transition from concept to actually building your dream home. Remember this rule of thumb,repparttar 135307 more you preparerepparttar 135308 better you will be when handlingrepparttar 135309 bumps inrepparttar 135310 road. Gathering information prior to needing it will actually save you more money, time and stress than you can probably calculate.

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Written by Hamoon Arbabi

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• Use a hidden or latent talent Take notice ofrepparttar talents you use without thinking. Example: A great hostess never thought of being a party planner until she threw a party for a friend. The friend said, "That was so great, I would have paid for it." • Use technology and other resources you have aroundrepparttar 135221 house Many people have created successful businesses with equipment and technologies they already had aroundrepparttar 135222 house. A sewing machine can berepparttar 135223 key to an exclusive dressmaking business. We even know two women in Texas who use their washing machines to run a laundry service forrepparttar 135224 crews of ships that dock inrepparttar 135225 local harbor. • Put what you know to work You can turn virtually anything you know into a business if enough people want to know it too. The author of 1,000 Adorable Names for Your Cat sold enough copies of his book to start a pet-oriented mail-order company.

Good luck.

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