Acquiring & Caring For Bonsai

Written by Sara Chute

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Because bonsai trees are cultivated in limited amounts of soil, adequate feed is very important. As a general rule, a small amount of feed is given inrepparttar spring and a larger amount inrepparttar 116359 fall. Feed for bonsai should contain three principle ingredients; nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash. It is also a good idea to use a fertilizer containing "chelated" iron. Water before fertilizing your tree and then apply at halfrepparttar 116360 strength recommended byrepparttar 116361 brand's manufacturer. Rotaterepparttar 116362 use of brands since different manufacturers add different amounts of trace elements and minerals. You could also add Superthrive, which is a vitamin supplement torepparttar 116363 fertilizer mix. You may find it simpler and easier to use slow release fertilizer granules (placed overrepparttar 116364 soil) whose nutrients are released with each watering.


All potted plants will eventually outgrow their containers. While houseplants need to be "potted-up", that is, placed in larger and larger containers,repparttar 116365 miniaturization of a bonsai trees is maintained by keepingrepparttar 116366 roots confined torepparttar 116367 small container. On average, repotting will be necessary every 3-5 years, butrepparttar 116368 tree should be removed from its container and its root system inspected once a year. Ifrepparttar 116369 roots form a circular ball aroundrepparttar 116370 perimeter ofrepparttar 116371 pot, it is time to trimrepparttar 116372 roots and repot.

When repotting remember to:  Use only bonsai soil  Remove air pockets by workingrepparttar 116373 soil down throughrepparttar 116374 roots  Do not remove more that 20% ofrepparttar 116375 root system  Repot duringrepparttar 116376 appropriate repotting season  Water well and keep out ofrepparttar 116377 sun for a week or two

Trimming & Pruning

The main objective of trimming and pruning is to shaperepparttar 116378 bonsai intorepparttar 116379 desired form and to reduce growth above ground in order to maintain a balance with root growth.

The process of shaping begins whenrepparttar 116380 tree is very young and is on-going as it continues its growth. Trimming is accomplished by using a sharp scissors or shears. This traditional tool is called butterfly shears or bonsai shears and is used for removing foliage and light branches. When heavier branches are removed, we call it pruning andrepparttar 116381 tool to use isrepparttar 116382 concave cutter, for which there is no substitute. The concave cutter allows you to remove small, medium and even large branches without leaving any visible scars. Some trees such asrepparttar 116383 Juniper should be trimmed by usingrepparttar 116384 thumb and index finger to remove new growth and to prevent browning and a "sheared" appearance.

Pests & Diseases

As living trees, bonsai are susceptible to insect attacks and disease. Preventive and corrective measures include:  Keeping your bonsai in good health, since insects and bacteria tend to attack weak trees  Giving your tree ample light, fresh air and ventilation  Keepingrepparttar 116385 soil free of spent blooms and fallen leaves etc. You may also use an insecticidal soap spray which is not harmful to humans or animals. This soap derivative, however, may require more than one application to controlrepparttar 116386 insect population. It's also a good idea to use this spray weekly to prevent any attacks.

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Finding The Value Of Precious Metal Dollhouses

Written by Joan Bramsch

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Other additional components were available, too, fabric drapes, or a swimming pool with slide, a white picket fence, yard toys. Mint inrepparttar box,repparttar 116358 latter now sells for $100 or more.

It's easy to see how art imitated life inrepparttar 116359 above house description of that era, but it's a bit sad and shocking when one learns thatrepparttar 116360 1962 model replacedrepparttar 116361 garage with a bomb shelter, although they also addedrepparttar 116362 new 'family room,' as well.

Marx continued to produce metal dollhouses, particularly spruced up Colonnade and Colonial models untilrepparttar 116363 end of 1970 whenrepparttar 116364 company went out of business. They'd provided sturdy, attractive houses at reasonable cost to at least two generations of American children. Today, they are readily available inrepparttar 116365 secondary market at attractive prices.

Barbara Cohen, Littleton, N.C., owns a (mint in box) T. Cohn metal dollhouse, #66, 1950 model made for Superior Toys. It sold for $3.98. 'I can't decide to sell it or to build it,' says Cohen. 'It's a real treasure.' A metal dollhouse featured inrepparttar 116366 1948 Montgomery War Christmas catalog appears to berepparttar 116367 first modern metal design. Manufactured by T. Cohn in Brooklyn, N.Y.,repparttar 116368 house had six rooms and sundeck with five windows and a front door that opened. Original price was $4.75. Most ofrepparttar 116369 early Cohn models had hipped gable roofs and were clearly labeled withrepparttar 116370 company name--'T. Cohn Inc. Made inrepparttar 116371 U.S.A.' They produced metal dollhouses fromrepparttar 116372 1950s intorepparttar 116373 early 1960s, almost as long as Marx, though not as successfully.

The Wolverine Supply & Mfg. Co., was founded in 1903 by Benjamin Bain. The Pennsylvania plant designed tools and dies, but got intorepparttar 116374 toy business when a customer went bankrupt before he could take delivery on his sand toy manufacturing equipment.

Wolverine went from gravity-action sand toys (1913) to housekeeping toys (1920s) to Rite-Hite toy kitchens (1959) to dollhouses (1972-1990). They designed seven dollhouses, none of which was up torepparttar 116375 standards ofrepparttar 116376 very well-made houses bearing other name brands. Like those others, though, each sold complete with plastic furniture. Proud owner ofrepparttar 116377 small Wolverine Ranch House is Dorothy McKinsey of Bremerton, Wash. 'I got it a couple years ago at a thrift shop for only $5.' Present value is $30 to $50, so Dorothy bought a real treasure for pennies onrepparttar 116378 dollar.

Ifrepparttar 116379 child in you longs for a dollhouse, it seems as if an old metal dollhouse may berepparttar 116380 way to go. Because there were thousands produced, many are available on today's market. Besides that, allrepparttar 116381 furniture in plastic awaits your interior decorating pleasure. But that's another story!

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