Achieving The Perfect Golf Swing Drill

Written by Mike Pedersen

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Most professionals take their golf-specific exercises very seriously, but some amateurs are reluctant to let go ofrepparttar so-called good old days when exercise had no role inrepparttar 144767 leisure sport of golf. Still they are findingrepparttar 144768 going increasingly difficult as more and more golfers embrace golf exercise programs.

There is no doubt thatrepparttar 144769 perfect golf swing drill happens only with those whose muscles and bodies have been prepared.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness site at Perform Better Golf.

Vive Les Chats! Australian Football Expatriate Life

Written by Ron. A. Welsh

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My career inrepparttar oil industry had led us to live overseas and we wouldn't give back a minute of it, but I still miss my footy!

Singapore was our first exciting posting, but alas, Australian football didn't stand a chance of making it onto Singapore TV screens. Mr. Lee Kwan Yu didn't want his people corrupted by such unhealthy western influences. Jakarta (surprisingly, to some) was much more liberal. Inrepparttar 144766 early 90's we receivedrepparttar 144767 "VFL Match ofrepparttar 144768 Day" live on TV Australia. It was great to lie byrepparttar 144769 pool and watch it, with a Bintang (Indonesian beer) in hand and an eager houseboy ready to bring another when required.

The following year we couldn't pick up any footy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Mahitir was still peeved withrepparttar 144770 then Australian Prime Minister Keating for his ill-considered "recalcitrant" remarks directed (correctly) atrepparttar 144771 amazingly smug and arrogant Malaysian Prime Minister.

We were living in New Orleans, Louisiana, in '95 whenrepparttar 144772 Cats maderepparttar 144773 Grand Final against Carlton and were ecstatic to find a live telecast on U.S. cable TV. It was broadcast late on a Friday night in New Orleans. Denise even made small Aussie meat pies. I hunted down adequate supplies of Fosters Lager and convinced some (somewhat reluctant) American friends to viewrepparttar 144774 spectacle. We even dressed our apartment in blue and white and had special t-shirts printed up forrepparttar 144775 occasion. Ah, what a party it was to be.

Well, it didn't take long to seerepparttar 144776 Cats were in for a thrashing, our friends wilting fromrepparttar 144777 power of real beer (Vs their watered down variety). We all ended up drowning our sorrows, in my case anyway, they simply enjoyedrepparttar 144778 beer. But at least we sawrepparttar 144779 game (such as it was) live. The Yanks thoughtrepparttar 144780 game was a free-for-all. All they rememberedrepparttar 144781 next day wasrepparttar 144782 beer and pies.

Alas, asrepparttar 144783 French do not want their airwaves or cables fouled byrepparttar 144784 dreaded "parley Anglaise" they do not allowrepparttar 144785 satellite dishes needed to pick uprepparttar 144786 signal in Paris. In fact, we couldn't even pick up audio BBC clearly, even though it is just acrossrepparttar 144787 channel.

No doubt about it, Aussie TV isrepparttar 144788 best inrepparttar 144789 world. It must be. It carries loads of footy, free to air no less, to placaterepparttar 144790 fanatical fans.

Mayberepparttar 144791 AFL will one day becomerepparttar 144792 IAFL (the "I" being International) with teams from perhaps, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and The Pacific inrepparttar 144793 competition. Then we might get to see truly international coverage. I'm dreaming again. Or am I? I really do thinkrepparttar 144794 game has great international potential.

Yes, there is a lot to be said forrepparttar 144795 excitement of living in various parts of this wonderful world, but there are also great advantages in staying where your roots are, growing up with lifelong friends and enjoyingrepparttar 144796 great lifestyle a city like Geelong and "Gods' Country" Australia, offer.

If you intend to travel you should not miss Paris. It is a truly wonderful city, with great architecture, character, colour, love, life, audacity, vibrancy and charm, as well asrepparttar 144797 French, who make Paris what it is.

As for my footy, I'll just have to try to be in Melbourne, atrepparttar 144798 "G" on that special day in September to shout my encouragement until I'm hoarse again and watchrepparttar 144799 mighty Cats bring homerepparttar 144800 flag.

Then I will reluctantly board yet another plane to return to expatriate life and a part of my soul will stay behind in Geelong, as it always does.

The French have a much-revered saying, which is always stated with heartfelt sincerity and patriotism, "Vive la France."

This may still berepparttar 144801 year ofrepparttar 144802 cat ("chat" in French) so I say, with even greater reverence and lots more hope. ... Vive les Chats!

Ron A. Welsh

I am lifelong avid follower of the Geelong Football Club after growing up in Geelong in South Eastern Australia. I have followed the "Cats" from 10 countries as an expatriate working in the oil industry and now work as a writer from Brisbane.

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