Accomplish Your Dream of Becoming a Lawyer…with distance learning

Written by Peter J. Loughlin, Esq

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Concentrate and focus only on what needs to been done today. If you can do that without constantly worrying aboutrepparttar enormity of your goal, you’ll soon find that you are living your dream.

3. Take full advantage of all resources within your grasp.

Did you know that you hear more news in one day than your great-grandparents heard in one entire year!

While this may sound overwhelming, andrepparttar 109315 words 'information overload' may be jumping into your thoughts, I say this to encourage you.

There truly is a world of information at your fingertips. It has been well said that information is power. I wonder if you realizerepparttar 109316 powerrepparttar 109317 Internet bestows on you?

Right here, right now, you can decide to change your future. You might decide, as I did, to further your education using distance learning and online resources. Hey, I became a lawyer! Why not you?

You might decide that today isrepparttar 109318 day you are going to start building your career and enterrepparttar 109319 ranks ofrepparttar 109320 legal profession.

Onrepparttar 109321 other hand, you might decide that today isrepparttar 109322 day to go into any career that appeals to you,repparttar 109323 choice is all yours. All ofrepparttar 109324 resources you need to accomplish you career goals are literally at your fingertips and within your heart.

4. Take action today.

No matter what you decide, let me encourage you to take action on your plan today. A car sitting in a driveway is impossible to steer. Only whenrepparttar 109325 car is moving can it be directed inrepparttar 109326 wayrepparttar 109327 driver desires.

You are in control of your life. If you really want to be a lawyer you need to take action, you need to make that choice. The choices you make today will have an effect on what and who you become six weeks, six months and six years from now.

Let me encourage you once again. Dare to dream big. Make solid plans that will take you step-by-step inrepparttar 109328 direction of your dream.

Makerepparttar 109329 most ofrepparttar 109330 resources at your disposal. Don't letrepparttar 109331 critics get you down.

Do these four things today and your tomorrows will take care of themselves.

Peter J. Loughlin, J.D., LL.M. achieved his dream of becoming an attorney using only distance learning and online resources. Now he helps others achieve their dream at YOU could be the next (or first!) lawyer in the family! He also operates, a websitesite dedicated to helping others earn college distance learning degrees. . Let us show you that your dreams are closer than you think.

Unleash your creativity and think your way out of the box

Written by David Amerland

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Hugh isrepparttar first one to acknowledge that just enrolling in a watercolour class is not enough. “It comes down to technique,” he explains, “watercolour painting, like any kind of painting, is not easy. The danger is that ifrepparttar 109314 instructor is not alert enough to make it easy for those taking part to express themselves and become attuned with their inner vision then their frustration and negative feelings will grow, not go away.”

Hugh has made a name for himself precisely because he has spent most of his life developing a teaching technique that teachesrepparttar 109315 technicalities of watercolour painting almost by stealth. “The idea is that when you’re painting you should be focusing onrepparttar 109316 most important element ofrepparttar 109317 equation. Your inner world. That’s where your creativity resides. Anything else is a distraction.”

To help promoterepparttar 109318 principle Hugh has written an interactive theme-driven How-to book on watercolour painting titled “Hugh Templeton’s Watercolour Guide for Absolute Beginners”.

The book was featured inrepparttar 109319 Times Educational Supplement as a means of helping teachers develop creativity inrepparttar 109320 classroom and it’s been popular with stressed-out executives who have little time to attend classes.

Published by innovative internet publisher Cool Publication ( 109321 book has been one of their best-selling titles fromrepparttar 109322 moment it was published.

“It is easy to use. It comes in 25 theme-driven sections and you can start painting effectively fromrepparttar 109323 first chapter,” says senior editor Chris Walker, “we tried it when Hugh first approached us and even we managed to paint a passable watercolour and we haven’t touched anything beyond a computer keyboard forrepparttar 109324 last thirty years. Hugh Templeton’s technique really works, we all forgot we were learning and it was so much fun we felt great for hours afterwards and we tried it out in an editorial meeting!”

David Amerland is a freelance media editor and journalist with over 20 years' experience. He is the Associate Editor of Fighting Fit Online magazine and acts as a marketing advisor for publishers and organisations.

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