Access Your PC From The Road

Written by Jim Edwards

Continued from page 1 has even thought of a solution for those of you worried about people looking over your shoulder as you enter your passwords on a public computer or ifrepparttar computer you use might carry a keystroke logger.

Before leaving home, you can program in a series of up to 99 passwords that only work one time.

This means even if someone watches you log into your computer or records your keystrokes,repparttar 105293 password you used won't work again.

If a would-be thief tries to access your computer too many times, will shut down all access attempts to your PC.

The benefits of remotely accessing your PC fromrepparttar 105294 road are numerous, butrepparttar 105295 bottom line is that it enables you to use your computer fromrepparttar 105296 road like you never left home.

For example: while traveling to a conference this weekend, my wife (and business partner) accessed our office computer from my laptop and, instead ofrepparttar 105297 usual pile of 4,000 emails that would normally await after 5 days away, we just picked up this morning like we'd never been gone.

The same company that offers also offers a service called which allows you to remotely host a meeting where multiple users can share and collaborate on a single computer desktop.

This service makes it super simple to provide online training, do software demos, and even make complete sales presentations.

I personally use both of these services and find them easy, reliable and well worthrepparttar 105298 price.

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Demand for Spam? It exists

Written by Alexandra Gamanenko

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Blunder 2 -- trying to unsubscribe to spam usingrepparttar ‘unsubscribe' link inrepparttar 105291 email -- 18% of respondents Some users are naive enough to think that spammers really won't send any junk mail to their addresses if they tell them not to. Haven't they heard that spammers userepparttar 105292 unsubscribe link solely to identify active email accounts. When individual email addresses or entire domains are found to be active, they are doomed to flood of spam.

Blunder 3 -- What's more: Over 10% of respondents have purchased products advertised in spam. Sending out huge volumes of spam is very cheap, so let's face it--spam is an effective means of advertising. Spam is booming, and these 10% users who actually bought anything advertised by spam, are partly to blame for it.

The consequences can be very serious when such a user is at work. Online criminals find more and more ways of stealing valuable information, some of these techniques include spam. Spam filters won't solverepparttar 105293 whole problem; much still depends on end users. Marcel Nienhuis, analyst fromrepparttar 105294 Radicati Group, was absolutely right when said " no technology inrepparttar 105295 world can protect an organisation if users exercise bad email behaviour."

Alexandra Gamanenko currently works at Raytown Corporation, LLC—an independent software developing company. This company provides software capable of disabling information-stealing modules, which can be hidden inside spyware as well as viruses, worms and Trojans. Learn more -- visit the company's website

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