Acceptance Can Attract Positives

Written by Monique Rider

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This takes a lot of mental practice but challenge yourself. When faced with a threatening, worrisome problem ask yourselfrepparttar following questions. What would happen if I didn’t try to control, correct, fix or stop this thing? What if I just let it run it’s course, accepted it, and tried to learn from it? What if I spend one whole day not thinking about it? What isrepparttar 102060 worse thing this problem can do to me? What is it that I can learn from this? Will I be able to pass my knowledge on to someone else?

Sometimes acceptance begins with simply being grateful. When you become aware ofrepparttar 102061 things you are thankful for it fosters positive thinking. Again, this takes a lot of practice – daily practice. Some people use gratitude journals, others just go through a mental exercise each day – reminding themselves of what they are thankful for. It can be done first thing inrepparttar 102062 morning or at night before bed. It can be done individually or as a family. You can be grateful for what has happened that particular day or in your life in general. You can express gratitude for one thing or ten things. It doesn’t matter how it’s done, as long as it’s done daily. Pretty soon your perspective will begin to change and you’ll dump that “victim mentality”. It’srepparttar 102063 best thing you could ever do for yourself!

It has now become almost a habit that when there is pain in my life (and believe me, there is still pain!) I ask myself what I can learn from it and how I can grow. Then I try (as hard as it is) to be thankful for it. Actually, part of my personal mission statement says: “I am thankful each day forrepparttar 102064 pleasure andrepparttar 102065 pain in my life”. Acceptance doesn’t makerepparttar 102066 pain go away. However, it sure does makerepparttar 102067 journey a little easier when you’re not fighting tooth and nail. Plus you getrepparttar 102068 added benefits of less fatigue and stress, fewer wrinkles (yea!), more energy and better physical condition. You cannot changerepparttar 102069 events of your life; but by changing your perspective of those events they don’t seem so scary – and you can attract more positive things.

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Monique is a survivor of adversity! She believes there are blessings in our struggles. Monique owns Trinity Coaching Services, a company that provides personal development coaching services. Monique is also a competitive bodybuilder, wife, mother, and published author. To learn more about Monique and personal coaching please visit or email Monique at

A new career will change who you are

Written by Cathy Goodwin, PhD

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There are three components to identity: self-concept, social identity and paper identity.

Self concept is expressed when you fill out a series of "I am" statements. You think of yourself as a father, country club member, and banker.

Social identity isrepparttar way others view you. People treat you differently if you're a bank manager or if you're starting a new e-business in a field they've never heard of. Think about how you feel when you're introduced at parties as, "This is Mary. She is a…"

Paper identity isrepparttar 102059 way you're regarded byrepparttar 102060 businesses and professionals you deal with. When you have a job, it is easy to get credit and a premium checking out. When you change careers, especially if you start your own business, you may be on shakier ground.

Your response to a new identity will be unique: "After being on my own, I went back to a corporate job. When we gotrepparttar 102061 United Way forms, it hit me. I was now an employee. It didn't feel good." Others will findrepparttar 102062 same world liberating: "No more chasing after clients -- and I loverepparttar 102063 pension contributions!"

I encourage career changers to include a plan for identity change, as a way to help smoothrepparttar 102064 journey.

Cathy Goodwin is a career consultant who focuses on intuition and career freedom. She likes to work with mid-career professionals who are evaluating their futures. Email for her free ezine: and visit her website:

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