Absolute Top Five Search Engine Marketing Myths Uncovered!

Written by Lee Traupel

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Big Picture Myth Three offrepparttar shelf software that submits a site to thousands of web sites and presents snazzy reports can do it all. This is so inaccurate and nothing can be further fromrepparttar 128195 truth it takes a tremendous amount of labor and time to identify keyword sets (not just words), optimizerepparttar 128196 content for these keywords, submitrepparttar 128197 pages while obeyingrepparttar 128198 rules ofrepparttar 128199 road and then continually analyzing rankings and tweaking to maintain and drive rankings (web site visibility).

Software can certainly help to automate some facets ofrepparttar 128200 process and be used for back end analysis but you can't expect any application to makerepparttar 128201 job easy, there is too much inherent complexity inrepparttar 128202 processes. And, competition for keyword sets is fierce as there are an estimated 5-10M registered domains (the numbers vary widely) with 60K new domains being registered every day.

Big Picture Myths Four and Five Any page listing will help to drive traffic to a web site this is another misconception. If you are aren't achieving page 1-3 rankings then your wasting a great deal of time and resources most people never drill down below these pages. Another common mistake is trying to achieve s/e rankings for a specific URL or product if people knowrepparttar 128203 name of a company or product they will find your web site easily, it's a waste of resources to optimize for these specialized terms in 80% of most cases.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of marketing experience He is the co- founder of a Northern California and Brussels Belgium based, privately held, Marketing Services and Software Company, Intelective Communications, Inc. http://www.intelective.com Intelective focuses exclusively on providing services to small to medium sized companies that need strategic and tactical marketing services. He can be reached at Lee@intelective.com

How to get Website's Ranking Hammered by Google

Written by MikeNew.net

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There is nothing more important to any page's ranking thanrepparttar title ofrepparttar 128194 page. Keep it short. Less than four or five words, if possible. The shorterrepparttar 128195 title,repparttar 128196 more focused and relevant Google will consider that page to be.

4. Lots of small font on your pages. That's considered spam! In theory, you could use


or size 5 font on all your text and receive a boost for allrepparttar 128197 words in that size, but that would be impractical because of your surfers, who might actually want to read what you wrote on your page inrepparttar 128198 first place. Forget that idea.

Just use size 2 or 3 font, and if nothing else, at least you won't get penalized.

5. Invisible keywords on your page. i.e., a whole bunch of white words on a white background, onrepparttar 128199 bottom of your page. Spam again. It's easy forrepparttar 128200 Google spider to pick up, and yes, they will hammer your ratings for it.

Instead, write relevant keywords, high in your page text, and make your most important keywords come out first inrepparttar 128201 Title tags of your HTML page.

Your overall best shot at getting good rankings for your site: Useful content. It's likerepparttar 128202 old saying you heard in school: "If you spent as much time studying as you did cheating, you'd be inrepparttar 128203 top of your class." (I'm sure you never heard that directly, but I think you getrepparttar 128204 point.)

The ultimate fix: There is no traffic-builder like high-quality content. You will find people linking to you without your asking for it, and that will catapult you torepparttar 128205 top ofrepparttar 128206 search engines. Your site's visitors are real people, with a real need you can fill. If you'll use your website to provide them with reliable information, services, or products, it will be as successful as any offline venture.

Mike New, a free-lance search engine and site optimization consultant, specializes in getting top rank listings for websites at Google. Aside from optimizing and promoting, you'll find Mike developing websites in ASP or PHP, and upon request, doing it ASAP.

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