Absolute Internet Truth, from a Slant

Written by Joe Bingham

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Still, perhaps that whole idea is just a myth being perpetuated by established online businesses that depend on new blood buying into their 'get rich now' Internet marketing ebooks, courses, and programs.

Not that I would tell you anything about that if it was true. Not until after your credit card payment went through anyway.

One last thing that provesrepparttar Internet to be a level playing field is that you can be your own boss and work your own hours. It's true also. You may never have sold a thing in your entire life, but if you put CEO, President of Marketing, or Chief Public Relations Officer by your name andrepparttar 117712 name of your company, then that's what you are.

Still, what was that old line about too many Chiefs and not enough Indians? I don't know. I meanrepparttar 117713 Chiefs play football andrepparttar 117714 Indians are a baseball team, so how is that supposed to make any sense? Oh yeah, there is more players on a football squad than a baseball team isn't there?

Honestly though,repparttar 117715 Internet is a level playing field, if you approach it fromrepparttar 117716 right slant.

The truth aboutrepparttar 117717 Internet is this...

Well, I'd tell you, but if I sent complete, unadulterated truth through an email it may causerepparttar 117718 entire cyber structure to collapse. Either that orrepparttar 117719 powers that be would just sensor it and replace it with something generic, so you'll just have to call me instead.

My number is 555-555-5555

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Practical Money-Saving Tips For Small Businesses

Written by Diane Hughes

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While payment services normally have reduced fees, they do have higher "per transaction" costs so you'll have to do some math to find out if this is a good idea for your business. Just take an "average" invoice amount from a sale and multiply it times 12 to get a base total to work with. Now, add in your 12 months worth of fees for statement, monthly access, discount percentage, per transaction cost, etc. This is your "example" total. Dorepparttar same with several payment services using their costs to see which one, over time, would be less expensive for you.

If you were paying a $15 statement fee, $20 monthly fee, 3% + $.35 per transaction and $25 monthly gateway fee, your annual expenses would be $742.20 for an average transaction of $50.00. Your annual fees for a payment service with 3.5%, $1.00 per transaction and a one-time $50.00 set up charge would only be $83.00 per year. [Savings of $659.20 per year.]

3) Re-evaluate Your Long Distance Costs - Competition is repparttar 117711 small business owner's friend! With hundreds of long distance companies out there, you can drastically reduce your charges instantly. Again - userepparttar 117712 'Net to search for inexpensive long distance service. A business owner I know changed from a MCI "program" to one of those 10-10 companies and reduced her per minute charge from $ .07 to $ .05. Depending onrepparttar 117713 volume of calls you make, some programs offer rates as low as $ .03 per minute. [Estimated savings of $20-$30 per year for 1,000 minutes.]

From just these three little things, we've saved an estimated $802.60 per year. That's enough to make anyone's spreadsheet sing! Go through your list of costs and you will most likely find other expenses that can easily be reduced with a bit of research and a phone call or two.

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