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Suitable Window Ledge Plants for a Summer Display

Here again much information can be gained by visitingrepparttar public parks in summer, and making notes ofrepparttar 143884 plants used for fillingrepparttar 143885 flower beds... from florists shops many ofrepparttar 143886 plants given inrepparttar 143887 following list will be readily obtainable. For example :

Ageratum houstonianum (mexicanum)

This is easily recognised by its compact, upright stems which bear small tufts of blue, fluffy flowers. There are numerous varieties in different shades of blue. The plants are compact andrepparttar 143888 bedding varieties range in height from 4-9 inches.

Lobularia maritima (Alyssutn maritimum)

Commonly calledrepparttar 143889 white or sweet alyssum, this plant is used extensively for edging and carpeting flower beds. The variety Little Dorrit isrepparttar 143890 most popular. It grows 2-4 inches in height and forms a compact mass of white, sweetly-scented flowers. Lilac Queen and Violet Queen are two excellent varieties of recent introduction.

For edging,repparttar 143891 variety Magic Carpet, which has a creeping habit, and forms a profusion of small blooms in many shades of colours, is most attractive.

Begonia semperflorens

For freedom of flowering and for providing a continuous display in summerrepparttar 143892 varieties of this species of Begonia are unexcelled. The plants grow about 6 inches tall and produce masses of flowers of various shades of red or pink.

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Drying Roses

Written by Jan Nicholas

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When choosing to userepparttar glue, begin by dilutingrepparttar 143883 glue in a dab of water.

You will take a toothpick and dab a thin coat ofrepparttar 143884 glue mixture atrepparttar 143885 base of each petal.

Next, you will workrepparttar 143886 glue intorepparttar 143887 base ofrepparttar 143888 stems of each flower so that you can attach each petal torepparttar 143889 base, wait tillrepparttar 143890 glue dries completely

Now forrepparttar 143891 sand, slowly and carefully coverrepparttar 143892 flowers with sand in deep open boxes.

Makerepparttar 143893 sand inrepparttar 143894 box deep enough to holdrepparttar 143895 flowers upright.

Sit each flower inrepparttar 143896 sand filled box and slowly pour sand aroundrepparttar 143897 base, aroundrepparttar 143898 sides, and over and underrepparttar 143899 petals. You should pourrepparttar 143900 sand evenly so that you can preserverepparttar 143901 flowers natural shape.

You will want to wait forrepparttar 143902 flowers to dry while facing upright.

Putrepparttar 143903 boxes withrepparttar 143904 roses in a dry space that is warm and brightly lit. This will ensure that your roses will maintain their bright color.

Let them dry for one to three weeks. If you want more muted colors, you will want to dry them in a more humid area.

To removerepparttar 143905 sand, tiprepparttar 143906 drying container slightly so thatrepparttar 143907 sand can fall offrepparttar 143908 flowers. Remove each flower one by one.

Now you have successfully learned how to dry your roses so that they are ready for you to do whatever you’d like with them. These dried flowers will make great decorations for any room in your house or office, or whatever else you’d like to do.

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