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Written by Claude Violette

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Things to look for and avoid: • What isrepparttar product? If there is not a product immediately visible: Click off • If they aks you for money up front before they even tell you whatrepparttar 127504 product is: Click Off. • Even if it looks like there is some kind of usefull product but there is no way to get in contact withrepparttar 127505 promoter, such as E-mail, telephone or snail mail, I would be very suspicious.

Go to this URL and you will find out exactly and in more details than I could ever explain it in this short article,repparttar 127506 fallacy of pyramid schemes. The numbers dont lie!

Some ofrepparttar 127507 businesses that lend themselves quite well to promotion onrepparttar 127508 internet are:

• Those that sell information, like E-Books, E-Zines and newsletters and even there you have to be carefull. You still have to followrepparttar 127509 above rules.

• Communication services, Like Website design, Web hosting, ISP’s etc... There again followrepparttar 127510 rules. The interesting thing about these is that on top ofrepparttar 127511 commission forrepparttar 127512 initial purchase, you usually get a residual income from your customers monthly fees.

• Software. It should be reasonably priced and you should haverepparttar 127513 possibility forrepparttar 127514 customer to download a demo to be certain that this is what they really want and need. It should also be guaranteed. Dont forgetrepparttar 127515 rules!

Some ofrepparttar 127516 things you should look for inrepparttar 127517 product that you are going to sell:

• Is it a usefull product and is there a need for it?

• Is it a consumable or will you get repeat business?

• Is thererepparttar 127518 possibility of residuals as there is in such things as communications services, Web hosting, autoresponders etc... whererepparttar 127519 customer has to pay a monthly fee and you get a monthly commission for each one of your clients?

• Is it a good reliable product? An inferior product can quickly ruin your credibility.

• Look atrepparttar 127520 competition. Is your product superior or different than everything else that is being offered everywhere else? Preferably it should be unique or offer attractive features that are not available anywhere else.

• You should get a guarantee fromrepparttar 127521 company, that once you have made a sale, that client remains your client as long as you remain affiliated withrepparttar 127522 company.

• And finally it should be a product that is personally attractive to you. This will make it much easier for you to maintain your enthusiasism forrepparttar 127523 product.

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Are you scaring away potential customers?

Written by Chris Rawluk

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information on pricing. <> Salesperson from an Internet company calls and introduces their product. We are interested in learning more and request information be e-mailed to us. They call back three days later and ask for our e-mail address. Our e-mail address and contact information are prominently displayed on our site. These examples wouldn't seem as absurd ifrepparttar inquiries had come from traditional firms not yet familiar withrepparttar 127503 Internet. But ALL of these examples came from Internet firms (Many of them public companies - Watch your money!). The leading edge ofrepparttar 127504 dot com economy? I think not. Of course there's always a bright side. The more idiots out there trying to do business online,repparttar 127505 less competition for you. Here are three rules of thumb that, in our not-so-humble opinion, can make or break your online sales. <> Provide ALLrepparttar 127506 details of your product on your web site. Include every possible detail and specification. Don't wasterepparttar 127507 customer's time and they won't waste yours. The Internet is about information on demand andrepparttar 127508 consumer is more demanding than ever. <> Post your prices on your web site. I repeat. Post your prices on your web site. Nobody wants to jump through hoops to buy your product. Most potential customers won't inquire about price unless your product is very specialized. <> Know your product and your industry. If you're not an expert, customers will see right through you. Simple? Absolutely. Yet it's amazing how many companies have no clue. If you play byrepparttar 127509 rules you will sell more. The Internet consumer can be very generous to those who do.

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