About Flightless Fruit Flies and Feeding Them to Your Pet

Written by Mark Springer

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Controllingrepparttar Lifespan of Your Culture By controlling temperature, it's possible to controlrepparttar 146174 rate of reproduction. Optimum reproductive rate occurs at temperatures of approximately 80 F. At around 60 F, reproductive rate slows, thus allowing longer feeding time and longer use from a single culture. Obviously,repparttar 146175 more flies you use,repparttar 146176 higher you will wantrepparttar 146177 reproductive rate to be.

Feeding to Your Pets

When it's feeding time for your pets, taprepparttar 146178 container lightly on something hard. This will causerepparttar 146179 flies to fall torepparttar 146180 bottom ofrepparttar 146181 container so they won't escape when you takerepparttar 146182 lid off. Then, simply removerepparttar 146183 lid and taprepparttar 146184 container over your animal's home untilrepparttar 146185 desired number of fruit flies fall out. If dustingrepparttar 146186 flies with vitamins, tap them into a plastic bag and dust.

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Written by Ratliff J

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