Abandonment - Why Visitors Don’t Turn Into Customers

Written by Halstatt Pires

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7. Signing up forrepparttar site newsletter must be incredibly easy.

8. Customers should be required to fill outrepparttar 141395 minimum of information to make a purchase.

9. Newsletters should be issued in HTML and text since some email systems do not accept HTML.

10. All images should be compressed for quick loading.

11. All links and emails must also include AOL friendly equivalents.

12. All emails must have automatic text wraps at 60 spaces so thatrepparttar 141396 recipient does not receive a disjointed mess of code in their email box.

13. Email communications fromrepparttar 141397 public must be responded to within 24 hours.

14. Communications made after business hours must be responded to first thing inrepparttar 141398 morning.

15. The site should offer accumulating bonus points for purchases that eventually lead to a “free gift”

16. When an order is shipped, an email should be sent torepparttar 141399 customer telling them as much.

The list is fairly endless, but you should always view site designs and advertising fromrepparttar 141400 perspective ofrepparttar 141401 customer. The universal question for each project is, “How could we make this easier for customers?” By emphasizing this approach, you will bypass many ofrepparttar 141402 problems you see onrepparttar 141403 net and avoid wasting your advertising dollars.

Halstatt Pires is with Marketing Titan- an Internet marketing and advertising company comprised of a search engine optimization specialist providing meta tag optimization services and Internet marketing consultant providing internet marketing solutions through integrated design and programming services.

Mexican Silver and Rustic Handcrafts that you can resell for Big Profits on Ebay or any where else

Written by Monica Hernandez

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We provide you with allrepparttar neccessary contact information including email in many cases.

Some of these silver jewelry and hand crafts manufacturers do have a website. But that doesn’t mean you can easily find them onrepparttar 141372 search engines. As we all know, its very hard to make it torepparttar 141373 top ofrepparttar 141374 search engine rankings and it can take more than 6 months to even get listed with them. That andrepparttar 141375 fact that most Mexican artisans are not as computer savvy as "we all think" arerepparttar 141376 main reason why you won’t find that many websites at all of Mexican manufacturers listed on Google or Yahoo. In many cases their websites are not even optimized forrepparttar 141377 search engines to list them.

Don't expect to getrepparttar 141378 best possible prices from those "mexican products providers" that you can find onrepparttar 141379 web for free.

Most ofrepparttar 141380 guys and companies that are ranking atrepparttar 141381 top ofrepparttar 141382 search engine results are basically American companies that are reselling Mexican products. So don’t expect to getrepparttar 141383 best possible prices from them.

Get our updated directories and start getting incredible low prices per silver gram or per handcrafted product that you can easily resell twice as much or translate into better profit margins for your self.

Once you order from us, you will receive an email providing you withrepparttar 141384 valuable information for download and fast access.

Forget about having to wait forrepparttar 141385 directory inrepparttar 141386 mail and paying an extra fee for shipping and handling.

With us You get fast access to this information so that you can get in contact withrepparttar 141387 suppliers as quick and convenient for you as possible.

- Access low cost Mexican products that sell incredibly well worldwide ! at Mextrademonitor.com.mx -

With our Mexican Silver Manufacturers Directory you will great deals on silver rings for men and women in all sizes, earrings, necklaces, bangles, charms, chains and bracelets.

Withrepparttar 141388 updated Mexican hand crafts and rustic furniture manufacturers you can get access to thousands of Mexican products that sell incredibly well inrepparttar 141389 USA and other countries.

Our hand craftfs directory contains Mexican manufacturers of beautiful rustic wrought iron, folk art, blown crystal, talavera pottery, textile and gift items, pewter décor, wood hand crafts and oil paintings all made by skilled craftsmen at incredible low prices.

P.S: If you already sell silver jewelry or mexican handcrafts, imaginerepparttar 141390 savings andrepparttar 141391 immediate extra profits that you can generate by contacting cheaper reliable suppliers.

Log on to Mexico Trade Monitor http://www.mextrademonitor.com.mx

Monica Hernandez is an international trade consultant helping entrepreneurs import products from Mexico at http://www.mextrademonitor.com.mx

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