A web traffic secret guaranteed to give you 16,807 visitors to your blog on a regular basis

Written by Christopher Kyalo

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The reason why this simple technique works like a miracle is because ofrepparttar referral power ofrepparttar 137630 net and because each person who joinsrepparttar 137631 viral web site has a motive to keep on introducing as many others as possible to it so as to get traffic for their blogs. As they do this traffic to your blog also explodes.

Q- You claim that you make it even easier. How?

A- I have vast previous experience in referral marketing techniques andrepparttar 137632 secret is to get a successful technique and then get everybody to copy it. I not only offer my technique to be copied but I also supply a steady supply of free articles to everybody to use. I actually give you a full license to put your name asrepparttar 137633 writer ofrepparttar 137634 article and to even changerepparttar 137635 headline if you want. This coupled with a step by step approach of what you need to do to get a steady flow of visitors to your blog under you, with very little effort from yourself, makes my system very easy to follow and understand.

Q- There are those who have read your amazingly useful tips on how to use only articles to generate traffic. Does this mean you are admitting now that articles alone are not enough?

A- No. Articles can work on their own and are enough to generate serious traffic to a blog and to even make money selling something. For years they have served me well and I have made a steady living onrepparttar 137636 net using them for my writing services. As all my writing clients will testify, they found me through my articles. And I still use articles a lot.

However this is a hybrid system that works much faster.

Q- Can you give usrepparttar 137637 specific steps somebody needs to take?

A- Yes, Iíll be glad to.

1)Ė Visit this site and register; http://www.freeviral.com/?r=59915 Make sure you carefully put inrepparttar 137638 link to your blog and a short description of what your blog is all about. After you are through with registration, you will find that you have your very own viral web site. If you scroll down you will findrepparttar 137639 short description you keyed in for your blog is listed first.

2)The next step is to ensure that you get as much traffic to your viral site as possible. Freeviral.com give various ideas and techniques which you can look at later (the more techniques ypu use,repparttar 137640 better) but send off an email immediately to trafikboom@bizboom.com to start receiving your free articles and step by step instructions to ensure that you get as many people as possible to sign up at your web site and thus reach millions of visitors as quickly as possible.

3)Next post your article at various sites which accept free articles to be posted. My instructions at trafikboom@bizboom.com will give you instructions on how to find high traffic sites to post your articles to.

4)To ensure that everything is speeded up even further register at this traffic exchange site http://trafficg.com/about.php?member=ckyalo and putrepparttar 137641 link to your freeviral web site to receiverepparttar 137642 traffic you gain by surfing other memberís sites. TrafficG isrepparttar 137643 leading web site traffic exchange onrepparttar 137644 net, surf other sites and send as many visitors as possible to your freeviral site.

5)Go to your email box and send out an email withrepparttar 137645 link to your freeviral web site to all your friends and associates. I even provide a free letter you can use in my step by step daily instructions at trafikboom@bizboom.com

It is that simple. Itís all free and there are no risks involved. Yet you will be setting yourself up to receive millions of visitors to your blog.

Visit my site http://www.freeviral.com/?r=59915 now and register to join this amazing viral web site and then send a blank email trafikboom@bizboom.com to receive simple step by step instructions. Enter the email address into your email address book to avoid it being blocked from your email by your ISP ANTISPAM filters and settings.

The doís and doníts of directory submission.

Written by Brian Holte

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How did you overcome these problems?

We overcamerepparttar issues by explanation ofrepparttar 137420 services that repparttar 137421 "other guys" provide, and most importantly, we overcame repparttar 137422 problem with RESULTS. We do what we say, and get it done.

What impact can using a directory submission service have on ones online business?

Directory submissions can makerepparttar 137423 business, LITERALLY. Submitting to search engines is fine, and SHOULD be done. Submitting to directories is definitely a necessity.

What kind of gains can one expect to make by using a directory submission service?

Once Directory listings take, you can expect to probably double your traffic. Double traffic could mean double sales/leads.

What couldrepparttar 137424 downfall be of using a directory submission service?

Well, un kept promises. Many "other guys" make big promises, but deliver seldom few or none altogether. Do your research. How long hasrepparttar 137425 site been in business? Do a ďwho isĒ look up and see when they boughtrepparttar 137426 domain name just to be certain.

Can you give 3 tips on successfully submitting to directories such as DMOZ for example?

With Pleasure!

Tip 1.) MOST IMPORTANT Proper Category Selection is KEY You MUST submit torepparttar 137427 applicable category. This isrepparttar 137428 most overlooked, because we think we have a site selling Sports Blankets, like http://www.blanketmall.com/tim and they wanted to be listed intorepparttar 137429 "sports category" After research, I decided it be best that they be submitted into repparttar 137430 Shopping: Sports: Theme Merchandise category. If I would have submittedrepparttar 137431 site intorepparttar 137432 root of sports, I can GUARANTEE it would have not been accepted.

Tip 2.) Wait. Do NOT submit your site to ODP (dmoz.org) again in a month. Give it 2 months to see results. If after 2 months, you are not listed, rethink your submission, drill down to a deeper, more relevant category, and resubmit.

Tip 3.) Do not houndrepparttar 137433 guides. I have seen people talking about "direct relationships with guides for category "****" They say to emailrepparttar 137434 guide and bug them. We disagree with this. If your site is properly submitted, you will not have a problem. We have clients that tried this tactic, and have never been listed. We submitted them, and got them listed.

Thank you forrepparttar 137435 opportunity to give my feedback in this. It has really been a pleasure. Thanks!

Have You Been Thinking of Creating E-books? Brian Holte is a freelance writer/researcher and owner of www.theebookking.com he publishes a newsletter which focuses on brainstorming and researching techniques for e-books.

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