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Written by dan the roommate man

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A few days later, he showed up and was hanging out in a room downrepparttar hall, when someone called security, as we had been instructed to do should he return. From what I'm told ofrepparttar 118094 incident, he went out ontorepparttar 118095 balcony (4th floor) and threatened to jump whenrepparttar 118096 police arrived onrepparttar 118097 scene. After a tense confrontation, they charged him and were able to subdue him after he punched at least one officer. He was then carried - literally kicking and screaming - offrepparttar 118098 University's property and was taken into custody. He spent about a month or so in a mental facility in Israel before he was deported back to America.

When my roommate got back torepparttar 118099 apartment, he discovered that Jason had left us a final message. Using a razor, he had cut open his finger and painted a message in his own blood on our bathroom mirror ("you all lied to me, blah, blah, blah"), then tiedrepparttar 118100 bloody razor to a rose and left it onrepparttar 118101 kitchen table.

Now that is a roommate from hell.

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A roommate story too strange to make up

Written by dan the roommate man

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Then he starts antagonizing people and attempting to pick fights with just about everybody. At one point he threatned to kill myself andrepparttar other roommate, DnD, as of now I completely forgot whatrepparttar 118093 premise ofrepparttar 118094 conversation was, but this type of thing happened pretty much every night for a month. Dealing with CrazyBones was like walking on landmines. Withrepparttar 118095 aid ofrepparttar 118096 Univeristy (who ownedrepparttar 118097 house) we encouraged CrazyBones to move. A few months later I hear he is charged for felony B & E. I don't hear anything about him for three months when he calls and tells me that he was going through rehab and some twelve step programs and is calling to ask my forgiveness. I give him my forgiveness and he tells me that he had been dealing crystal meth out ofrepparttar 118098 basement and he was doing tons of meth AND he, atrepparttar 118099 time of all this, decided to quit taking medication for bipolar disorder.

BUT, this is onlyrepparttar 118100 first part ofrepparttar 118101 story

After CrazyBones moved out, we still had a room to fill and since DnD was too much of a cheap ass to split $750 downrepparttar 118102 middle he wanted to get another roommate. He suggests his brother, who turns out to be another completely worthless human being. What DnD failed to tell me about his brother at first (he waited until it became an issue two months later) was that his brother had been kicked out their parents, his girlfriend's, and and alcohol rehab center. DnD's brother major problem was that he was drunk and loud and would actually get so drunk he would stumble over his own feet. I put up with this untilrepparttar 118103 night when this dude somehow tippedrepparttar 118104 entire refrigerator over. I can't even begin to explain what that kitchen looked likerepparttar 118105 next day. And DnD also found his brother was hiding some small weapons by his bed. Needless to say we kicked him out as well.

The main morals of this story are 1.) If you plan to live by yourself....DO IT!!!! 2.) If someone seems a little crazy chances are they are a lot crazy

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