A smile a day keeps the demons away

Written by Stephen Hill

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we would go to lunch together. I would meet him inrepparttar canteen at 1pm and would be waiting in my gloomy state of mind for him to arrive. Arrive he certianly did, always with a beaming smile on his face. We would sit down and talk whilst eating our lunch and he never had a negative word to say. When he talked, he talked with passion, about sports and films. One day it dawned on me, if Stuart (who from what I know of him, seemingly has nothing) can always be positive, happy and smiling, why can't I?

This wasrepparttar 149662 beginning of a new era in my life. An era of being positive, appreciating what I have got and more than anything else, plenty of smiles.

Stephen Hill has a couple of websites at http://www.debt-specialist.co.uk and at http://www.lasik-laser-surgery.co.uk.


Printing on Canvas

Written by Fabio Braghi

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and a professional one are many but I will focus onrepparttar most important. First, commercial machines can be outfitted with pigmented inks; these inks differ from dye inks commonly found inrepparttar 149661 cheap home printers because they are archival and will not fade for decades. Dyes onrepparttar 149662 other hand will start losing brilliance in a matter of months. There are some home use printers now that offer a form of hybrid dye/pigment system. The second difference isrepparttar 149663 nozzle quality; pro level systems have extremely sophisticated nozzles that can render a very fine dot and exceptional tonal rendition.

The process of printing on fine art materials such as canvas and watercolor papers is referred to as "giclee". Giclee is a french term that loosely translated means "sprayed on". It refers torepparttar 149664 nozzles which spray ink ontorepparttar 149665 paper. Giclee printing involves some ofrepparttar 149666 characteristics described above and it is usually performed by professional shops.

You can read more about giclee and fine art canvas printing on our website.

Fabio Braghi is the owner and printmaker of a Fine art giclee print company with over fifteen years of experience in digital imaging.

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