A parents survival guide to Legoland Windsor

Written by Paul Fogg - Langton House

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Onrepparttar walk downrepparttar 140871 hill, do not get distracted byrepparttar 140872 show atrepparttar 140873 Harbour area orrepparttar 140874 model village, these will be your saving grace later inrepparttar 140875 day.

When you’ve donerepparttar 140876 rides that are important to you, orrepparttar 140877 queues have built up, this isrepparttar 140878 time to start doing allrepparttar 140879 many other things that are on offer in Legoland.

There are so many things that you can do that will not involve much, if any, queuing at all, for instance:- 1. The Harbour show is always fun for adults and children. 2. The Rat Trap – an adventure playground. 3. The Amazing Mazes -yep, its a maze, but done in a Legoland theme. 4. Enchanted Forest – good for a slow quiet wander, full of Lego animals. 5. Mini Land – do not underestimate this, it's brilliant. I thought it was going to berepparttar 140880 most boring bit of Legoland, but for adults and children, its oftenrepparttar 140881 most interesting. Loads of moving boats, cars and trains moving all around a superb model village made of lego bricks. 6. Water Works – getrepparttar 140882 swimming costumes on and let them run in and out ofrepparttar 140883 water jets, great fun and us adults get to sit and watchrepparttar 140884 mayhem! 7. Model Makers Workshop - If you didn't do it earlier then here's your chance. Probably more interesting than you think, I shall say no more! 8. Imagination Theatre - Usually a show of some sort, again good entertainment and a chance to sit down! 9. Discovery Zone - A chance to play, build and learn with Lego. 10. Duplo Play Area - A fun area with slides and climbing frames, and seats for us adults!

The following is a list of some ofrepparttar 140885 important things to remember to do and things to bring to help make your day at Legoland as fun and painless as possible.

Checklist 1. Legoland map – check your children’s height before you set off, and make sure ofrepparttar 140886 rides they are able to get on. 2. Tickets – pre-book if possible. We at Langton House can hold any tickets so you can pay for them and get them sent on to us if you wish. 3. Food – Sandwiches, drinks and snacks. It is expensive inrepparttar 140887 park, but there is plenty of room to sit out onrepparttar 140888 grass and have a picnic, although I have foundrepparttar 140889 food sold in Legoland to be generally good. 4. Show times – Find outrepparttar 140890 times ofrepparttar 140891 various shows and plan your afternoon around these. 5. Swimming suits – The Water Works is fantastic fun inrepparttar 140892 hot weather but expectrepparttar 140893 children to get absolutely drenched!

I really think Legoland is a brilliant park forrepparttar 140894 younger children. After about 11 or so it becomes progressively less interesting and for young teenagers I think other parks like Thorpe Park are better suited. Children under 2 can also find it a bit restrictive, but then again they are free to get in! But don’t let this put you off in any way. Legoland was built as a safe and fun place forrepparttar 140895 kids to explore. Enjoy your day, don’t expect to get it all done, it now really takes a good day and a half to cover it all. Think about staying in Windsor (at Langton House of course!) and looking around Windsor and using a two day Legoland pass. This way you really will be able to get torepparttar 140896 park early with allot less stress and less stress = more fun!

Above all, remember this guide is only here to aid you. If nothing else, get there early!

If anyone has any comments, suggestions or updates, please let me know, so that I can pass on good and accurate advice to others.

If I’ve got anything wrong, let me know and don’t sue me!

Paul Fogg Proprietor at Langton House and survivor of over 20 trips to Legoland!

Proprietor of Langton House bed and breakast in Windsor England. www.langtonhouse.co.uk

What to explore in Barcelona Spain

Written by Robert Carlton

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Las Ramblas promenade isrepparttar heart ofrepparttar 140870 Ciutat Vella and of Barcelona

Everyone who visits this city has recognized it as one ofrepparttar 140871 most lively and colourful street shows, It is a living street garden with its decorative floral patterns with one ofrepparttar 140872 best food markets inrepparttar 140873 city nearby calledrepparttar 140874 Boqueria . Withrepparttar 140875 Olympic games in 1992,repparttar 140876 old run-down port area was surprisingly made intorepparttar 140877 Coastal Park whererepparttar 140878 Olympic village was stationed. Atrepparttar 140879 Arts Hotel, Mapfre Towers and Nova Icaria Square you can findrepparttar 140880 twin towers which easily markedrepparttar 140881 whole area where this magnificent event was held and can still be visited. Once again in 2004, this Oylmpic stadium and its ´Cobi´ mascot sawrepparttar 140882 Olympic torch before it was sent on torepparttar 140883 2004 host, Greece. Also in 2004, Barcelona once again out did itself, by setting uprepparttar 140884 Barcelona Forum, welcoming traveller from all overrepparttar 140885 world.

You may be thinking that all this tourism needs a lot of special attention, especially in making travel to and from this great city a breeze. Well, they have achieved this and much more. The Barcelona Airport called The Prat is found onrepparttar 140886 outskirts but has many good public and private transport to get intorepparttar 140887 hub ofrepparttar 140888 city. And if you are thinking about heading about 40 kilometres south to mayberepparttar 140889 town of Sitges, a nice beach area onrepparttar 140890 costa, then there are local trains too. You have many buses right outsiderepparttar 140891 terminals,repparttar 140892 underground, taxis and many hotels offer comfortable mini-buses directly to your accomodations and torepparttar 140893 open doors of Barcelona.

Robert Carlten writes for http://www.barcelona-information.com an online source with city information and spanish travel tips.

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