A new definition of "Buyer Beware"

Written by Jesse S. Somer

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Her look of disbelief was starting to rattle me. It is a really horrible feeling when somebody you love so much doesn't have trust in you. I then searched and foundrepparttar receipt from eBay for when I boughtrepparttar 138602 phone. After showingrepparttar 138603 date onrepparttar 138604 form to her I could tell she was starting to see that I was tellingrepparttar 138605 truth, butrepparttar 138606 wall of disbelief still hung over, clouds covering her bright face. Finally I decided to search forrepparttar 138607 guy who sold merepparttar 138608 phone. If this didn't prove my case nothing would save me from eternally sleeping inrepparttar 138609 doghouse. Usingrepparttar 138610 email address he had used inrepparttar 138611 sale proved fruitless as my message kept coming back 'Return to sender.' Let me tell you I was really beginning to panic! Then, bang! The sound ofrepparttar 138612 gun rang in my ears...just joking. It didn't get that serious! No,repparttar 138613 bang wasrepparttar 138614 sound ofrepparttar 138615 flash of inspiration that suddenly entered my mind. I went back onrepparttar 138616 Internet and eBay and searched forrepparttar 138617 guy's name. I found it with a different email address, as he must have changed his Internet Service provider. A huge feeling of calmness rushed over me likerepparttar 138618 first wave atrepparttar 138619 beach when you have been inrepparttar 138620 heat all day. Next I sent him a message asking him aboutrepparttar 138621 archived messages to 'Suzie' and asked him to 'Carbon Copy' (Cc) his response to my wife's email address so she would see that it was authentic. The man then replied with a message that said he was very embarrassed about not deletingrepparttar 138622 messages onrepparttar 138623 cell phone. All right, pay dirt! He also went on to say that his wife was named Suzie and gave her address so Kat could then contact her if necessary. He seemed especially nervous aboutrepparttar 138624 content ofrepparttar 138625 messages and said that he hoped nothing too x-rated was there as he and his wife often used risqué language to keep their relationship's fire 'stoked up! O.K. So there's my story. My main message to you fromrepparttar 138626 whole experience is that if you are buying or selling a product on eBay, make sure you clean up any unwanted information. It can really cause problems! Let me also tell you that now I am back searching on eBay as my new phone has also been sent on a mission back torepparttar 138627 creator as it too has been onrepparttar 138628 'Quest forrepparttar 138629 spin cycle'!

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net http://www.m6.net *This story is based on a true story of someone (not the author) with names changed.

Effective Web Search with Google's "My Search History" Tool

Written by shuth

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The service, which is still at beta stage and released just recently, provides complete search history of allrepparttar past searches made through Google once you install it. The search histories are stored on Google's servers, this enables you to access search histories from any computer. From your search history page you are able to make a query onrepparttar 138601 search history itself. Onrepparttar 138602 history page atrepparttar 138603 right side you can seerepparttar 138604 search words or phrases used for making a query, time ofrepparttar 138605 query made, pages visited related torepparttar 138606 query andrepparttar 138607 page link. Atrepparttar 138608 left side, there is a calendar to check outrepparttar 138609 search made by you on an earlier date. It also shows how many searches you have done on a certain day and how intense your search activity was on each day. A neat feature, which will help you get rid ofrepparttar 138610 problem mentioned inrepparttar 138611 beginning ofrepparttar 138612 article, will show you relevant search results from your "My History Pages" along withrepparttar 138613 new search results while you make a query. "This feature of Google Web search enables you to find information you thought you lost", Google claims on its site.

shuth is the webmaster with 6 years experience in web design & development. http://www.cybertionary.com is the new project by him which is provide a information for internet & computing terms.

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