A new career will change who you are

Written by Cathy Goodwin, PhD

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There are three components to identity: self-concept, social identity and paper identity.

Self concept is expressed when you fill out a series of "I am" statements. You think of yourself as a father, country club member, and banker.

Social identity isrepparttar way others view you. People treat you differently if you're a bank manager or if you're starting a new e-business in a field they've never heard of. Think about how you feel when you're introduced at parties as, "This is Mary. She is a…"

Paper identity isrepparttar 102059 way you're regarded byrepparttar 102060 businesses and professionals you deal with. When you have a job, it is easy to get credit and a premium checking out. When you change careers, especially if you start your own business, you may be on shakier ground.

Your response to a new identity will be unique: "After being on my own, I went back to a corporate job. When we gotrepparttar 102061 United Way forms, it hit me. I was now an employee. It didn't feel good." Others will findrepparttar 102062 same world liberating: "No more chasing after clients -- and I loverepparttar 102063 pension contributions!"

I encourage career changers to include a plan for identity change, as a way to help smoothrepparttar 102064 journey.

Cathy Goodwin is a career consultant who focuses on intuition and career freedom. She likes to work with mid-career professionals who are evaluating their futures. Email for her free ezine: subscribe@movinglady.com and visit her website: http://www.movinglady.com

Career Decisions in Uncertain Times

Written by Amy Crawford

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This self-exploration could lead to a new discovery that may include creating a new career through freelance or entrepreneurial ventures, rather than looking to companies to provide it. This prospect could be risky for many, however. Johanna Haney, a mentor and author at www.DreamJobsToGo.com responds, “I know a lot of freelancers in various fields such as writing, Web design, and PR, who are taking a rather desperate approach to finding immediate full-time employment. These freelancers fear a recession and are searching for a steady source of income.” Haney believes that there has never been a better time to freelance. Her book “How to Get Started as a Freelance Editor” states, “One ofrepparttar benefits of freelancing in this economy is that companies are looking for economical ways to finance things like an editing budget. One way companies do this is by hiring freelance editors rather than in-house editors.” Haney suggests that when you hear a company is going to downsize, send them your marketing materials right away.

All of this falls in line with what many life coaches believe. Candace Hammond of www.personalpowercoach.com puts it like this: “People have been scared and have seen that life is precious and fragile. It reaches deeper than work, people fear not living consciously fulfilled, meaningful lives.” Many do not know where to begin.

Career coaches offer many services that help people find what they need, to begin a career that adds to their quality of life instead of drawing from it. There are also other services out there that help you search for careers that might be right for you, and one is www.acinet.org. It offers several resources from career diagnostic testing to career updates and information. For those who know what they are looking for but don’t know how to get started, www.DreamJobsToGo.com may berepparttar 102058 solution. This site has ebooks on getting started in various unique careers and it offers a free mentor message board, where you can have your career questions answered by author experts.

Ultimately, career coaches believe Americans haverepparttar 102059 choice. If career changes are viewed as an opportunity rather than a crisis, then we are more likely to bounce back effectively.

Amy Crawford is a writer who specializes in career and employment topics. She runs the free Dream Job Mentors discussion group at http://www.DreamJobsToGo.com.

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