A new Web Marketing ROI Calculator - Part 2

Written by Robin Nobles

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Chris: "Yes you are right aboutrepparttar JavaScript. There is also a cookie place on their browser that keeps track of people that come take a look and return later to buy."

Question: What if someone is using both PPC and SEO program. How isrepparttar 128336 cost is distributed? Do we have to plug inrepparttar 128337 cost for each program to calculate ROI?

Chris: "If all you want to track is SEO, just don't putrepparttar 128338 code intorepparttar 128339 entry pages you use for PPC or use separate PPC entry pages. The same is true for PPC. You can separate these by only placingrepparttar 128340 code into unique pages you use for PPC."

Question: So forrepparttar 128341 conversion, we need to create two conversion pages: one for PPC and one for SEO?

Chris: "No, just differentiaterepparttar 128342 entry pages. You can userepparttar 128343 same conversion page."

Question: How do we know if it'srepparttar 128344 right keyword that generated a lead since people browse from page to page?

Chris: "The entry code is placed in all pagesrepparttar 128345 search engines are referring visitors to. This way Keyword Tool will trackrepparttar 128346 entry and watch to see if it converts into a sale. You can placerepparttar 128347 code in just one page or as many pages as required--there is no limit. You can even haverepparttar 128348 same code in an include file in your template. This way KeywordTool watches refers from all your pages."

Question: Do we need to dorepparttar 128349 data entry for keywords and PPC?

Chris: "There is no data entry; KeywordTool looks forrepparttar 128350 keywords as they are used on search engines, not how we think they should be used. This way you can discover good keywords you got listings for and didn't know it."

In Conclusion

If your ROI is important to you, which is should be!, KeywordTool (http://www.keywordtool.net) will certainly help you determine your conversions rates andrepparttar 128351 return on your investment for any traffic throughrepparttar 128352 search engines, directories, and pay-per-click engines. It's a sharp program with a lot of handy features.

Robin Nobles, Director of Training, Academy of Web Specialists, (http://www.academywebspecialists.com) has trained several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses (http://www.onlinewebtraining.com).

Part 2: 5 More Pay Per Click Tips

Written by Richard Baker

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3. Increasing Your Return On Investment ("ROI") We have already said that writing relevant titles and descriptions will filterrepparttar qualified fromrepparttar 128335 unqualified surfer. However, there is one other thing to consider. When searches are returned many surfer will instantly clickrepparttar 128336 number one bid; it's a habit I suppose. Oftenrepparttar 128337 number one bid is not relevant to their needs or they wish to compare two or more web sites. The result forrepparttar 128338 webmaster ofrepparttar 128339 top ranked web site, is a high number of clicks and a lower ROI compared to position two and three. Positions two and three can be a fraction ofrepparttar 128340 price ofrepparttar 128341 most popular term. Provided you bid on a lot ofrepparttar 128342 slightly less popular terms, you usually can get just as much traffic, and sometimes more, as if you bid onrepparttar 128343 leading term - and for a lot less money too.

4. Landing Pages Think aboutrepparttar 128344 keywords you are bidding on and giverepparttar 128345 surfer what they want. Don't just let them land on your home page. The surfer is less likely to get distracted when you give them what they want rather than leave them to their own devices. It you are promoting a particular product, make surerepparttar 128346 surfer is taken straight to it. This is an important Pay Per Click help tip.

5. Don't Delay The sooner you start Pay Per Click advertising,repparttar 128347 sooner you'll start getting traffic. With most Pay Per Clicks,repparttar 128348 bids are rising not falling. Again, with most Pay Per Clicks including Overture, when two or more bids tie,repparttar 128349 first bidder is given priority. This is especially important if you plan on bidding on a lot of terms or when 3 or more bids are tied.

And there you have it. These 5 tips build ofrepparttar 128350 first 5 tips from Part 1 of this article.

Happy bidding.

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